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DOOH Ramadhan, Frestea

Ramadan is a time of reflection, prayer, and fasting for Muslims worldwide, but it also presents a unique opportunity for FMCG owners to drive sales through effective advertising strategies. With increased food and beverage consumption during this month-long observance, companies can create products and campaigns that cater to the specific needs and traditions of Muslim consumers.

Luxury brands on OOH

Why OOH Remains a Show-Stopper for Luxury Retail 

High-end brands turn to premium digital advertising screens to remain top of mind during shopping experiences.

Tourism is on the increase.

Pent-up demand affecting travel hubs

New research on APAC’s four biggest travel markets: Australia, India, Indonesia, and Japan, reveals that there is a 3X increase in intent to travel internationally. What's surprising is that this new breed will spend up to 56 days planning before making a booking. 

A successful SaaS brand narrative
A winning brand narrative for SaaS

In a heavily saturated B2B market, most brands are either contemplating or switching to the Software as a service model, that is, if they haven't already. This has made competition tougher and costlier for brands like yours. 

Make a long-lasting impact using OOH and SaaS to increase online engagement.
OOH and Saas: Make real impression to drive online engagement 

If you are a brand in the tech, SaaS, e-commerce industry, chances are that you are not the only one reading this. Maybe your competitor is as well.

Whether it's raining or shining, Dynamic DOOH can help you put out the ideal line.
Come Rain or Shine, Dynamic DOOH helps you put out the perfect Line

A QMS neuroscience study highlighted the greater impact of Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) campaigns on changing creatives.

Why Do Owners of Outdoor Media Need a More Efficient Way to Manage Multiple Revenue Streams?
Why OOH Media Owners Need a More Efficient Way to Manage Multiple Revenue Streams

The evolution of OOH media buying methods means that the inventory is now consumed in a variety of ways - especially for digital screens. 

Everything You Should Know About Outdoor Advertising
Everything You Need To Know About OOH Advertising

The pandemic outbreak has caused a technological change in the OOH industry- Altering how advertisers plan, Measure and buy outdoor Advertising.

What makes mall digital screens so effective?
What makes Digital Screen in malls so Effective?

Most mall visitors are there with an intent to purchase. Being able to influence these consumers in a location where the intention is to spend money is a marketer's dream.

What are the benefits of programmatic DOOH

With the rise of Digital Out Of Home (DOOH). Programmatic Digital Out Of Home (pDOOH) has also become one of the talks of the town.

Sporting Events & Digital OOH - A Magical Match 

Sporting events like the Indian Premier League or the Summer Olympic Games are never short of outdoor marketing elements.

Out-of-Home in 2022: A Look at the Key Trends that will Shape Outdoor Advertising in the New Year

A QMS neuroscience study highlighted the greater impact of Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) campaigns on changing creatives.

OOH vs Online Media: How They Compare across Three Key Measures.

Digital and out-of-home (OOH) or place-based media remain the fastest growing media channels by spend. The two mediums are vastly different by nature - online and offline.

OOH 101: A Guide to Successful OOH Campaign Measurements
These days, marketers no longer want to buy media space, they want to buy Audience. There is an increasing need for reliable audience measurement, specially considering ….
Interactive Billboards: The Future of DOOH Advertising

We all know the marketing rule of seven - a consumer has to be exposed to a message about seven times before it starts to sink in and influences a decision.

Here's Why Millennials and Gen Z Prefer Outdoor Advertising

Out-of-home (OOH)advertising is a favorite of Gen Y and Gen Z audiences. Surprised? We don't blame you. You'd expect this tech-savvy generation to ignore traditional advertising mediums, seeing as the digital world takes up most of their time.

Food panda Embraces Innovation and Data-Advancement to Drive Maximum Agility

Foodpanda was among the early pioneers that adopted innovative OOH solutions to bridge the gap between the online and offline environment and deliver highly impactful and memorable customer experiences.

Benefits of Impression-Based Digital Outdoor Advertising

As data rises in value, impression-based results become more vital when measuring ad performance!

5 Reasons Why You Should Always Have a DOOH Strategy in all your Digital Campaign

As we become more digitally savvy, there’s basically no occasion that we do not require the internet (mobile) placed firmly in our hand to converse, entertain or research.

How are advertisers measuring screen performance? As: Make real impression to drive online engagement 

Although OOH (Out-of-Home) media presents advertisers with a dynamic, effective mass reaching medium –it remains a challenge to measure compared to other channels.