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Striking Gold, Sparking Transparency

Posted by Moving Walls

With six awards, we came in joint second overall at the Spark Awards for Media Excellence 2015.

The Spark Awards recognises the top media solutions, products and services from media owners and publishers across South Asia, Southeast Asia and ANZ. It acts as the main platform for media owners to demonstrate their innovation and effectiveness to advertisers, agencies and clients. Our awards included:

  • Gold for Best Event by a Media Owner for the Love Generator challenge,
  • Silver for for Best Creative Team
  • Silver for Best Insights and Research Project for Moving Insights
  • Silver for Most Innovative Technology for Moving Insights
  • Silver for Best Media Solution - Experiential for the Love Generator Challenge
  • Bronze for Best Corporate Branding by a Media Owner for the Love Generator challenge

Moving Insights’ was recognised with two silver awards. It is our flagship project that incorporates eye-ball tracking and measurement software to deliver accurate metrics of its Digital Out-Of-Home screens and geospatial business solutions for clients.

Srikanth Ramachandran, Executive Director of Moving Walls says: “Moving Insights will enable the Digital transformation of outdoor advertising in the region. It will allow brands to run, track and optimise real-time campaigns."

"The data collected by Moving Insights also has far-reaching consequences for urban living. Insights from the data will indicate how citizens interact with the environment, the problems they face and how digital can be used to improve their lives.”

Malaysian Top Performers

Other Malaysian media champs with stellar performances in 2015 included, The Star, who won the top award in the Best Media Solution – Print category for its Mountain Dew Neon Edition campaign. The campaign took over Page 1 of the newspaper for five consecutive days. Their website was also recognised with a Bronze award.

Big Tree Outdoor won Gold for their popular Wonda coffee 5D LRT campaign, which activated the five senses of train passengers. Not to be outdone, Astro’s #kosongkosong campaign was recognised with a Gold in the Best Media Solution – Social category. Astro Radio also won Gold for Krew Kari Laksa.

It was a tight competition and a total of 73 trophies were awarded to the leading media owners across the regions at the ceremony. All entries were carefully evaluated by a high-profile panel of 23 media professionals.

To refuse awards is another way of accepting them with more noise than is normal. - Peter Ustinov