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Four ways digital enhances OOH

Posted by Mehul

Influencing the audience in close proximity to your outlet is the best way to attract business. While most brands are active on social media to engage with their customer base, smaller businesses that primarily depend on sales through physical stores know that they need to reach potential consumers around them.

Here are four of many reasons why optimised digital outdoor advertising spaces are ideal to drive traffic to physical stores.

Flexible Bookings

With digital, an outdoor media asset is no longer locked to a single brand on a long term contract. With the ability to switch between multiple creatives, big brand stores or small businesses can all bid for the slots they want

Targets Consumers on the Path-to-Purchase

Social media may get you more engagement and newspaper advertisements will reach a wider audience, but for small businesses increasing store visitors is key. By using outdoor screens near their outlets to display promotions, retailers stand a better chance of influencing purchasers.

Optimised for Highest Impact

Coffee-shop chain? Target the morning rush with promotions. Conference or event? Inform people about how to get to your location when it's close to your event day. Digital allows brands to narrow their audience for effective campaigns.

Reports and Actions

Who viewed your ad? How many store visits did the ad incite? How long did people view the ads? All these questions and more are answered by automated reports that keep business owners directly informed about their campaign. Insights from these can even help the advertiser make small changes in time or length of ad to improve results.