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Ad Spend Shift to Digital 'Irreversible': Moving Walls on Bloomberg TV

Posted by Mehul

Bloomberg TV Malaysia: "Forget counting eyeballs, the next wave of digital advertising is all about data, says Srikanth Ramachandran, CEO of technology-driven media group Moving Walls. He tells Bloomberg TV Malaysia's Sophie Kamaruddin why all the money in advertising is going to digital."

Key takeaways from our Executive Director, Srikanth Ramachandran's interview with Bloomberg TV:

"The first wave of digital was all about eyeballs." Views, clicks, likes... call it what you want. Viewers are now calling them disruptions and ad blocking software is here to save them. Marketers need to quickly prioritise quality over quantity if they want to stay relevant.

"Digital can now measure the real world." Data has become more sophisticated. Digital footprints leave geolocation tags that provide valuable business insights from "How many people walk by my billboard?" to "Where should I open my next store?"

"Data-driven insights optimise ad spend." Insights about where your target audience is located, when you can reach most of them, and what content is most relevant to them, make sure every ad dollar spent is effective. This is now trickier online, where bot networks embellish campaign reports by providing fake traffic to ads.

"Earth is digital's final frontier." We are seeing a new wave of digital, where digital "walls" now make it possible for us to interact with the environment around us. Media assets will be able to recognise people in an area, analyse their conversations, and provide only relevant content that they want to see.