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In Malaysia, Billboards Create Awareness about Advertising Fraud

Posted by Mehul

Clicks, Views, Likes, and Subscribers — the thirst is real. Advertisers want more and the lush green fields of digital offer an endless supply. Digital devices are our mobile body parts. We use them to read, write, think, share, and interact with other people and brands want to appear alongside all these actions.

When the rains end in May, the cycle of East Africa’s great migration begins. Millions of animals leave the dry lands of the Serengeti and head north to seek refuge in the Maasai Mara reserve. As traditional media fell into a state of flux, advertisers made a less treacherous journey and poured their dollars into online advertising.

And as they received more clicks, views, and likes, they shifted a greater chunk of their marketing budget to digital. More views and clicks naturally mean more value for advertising dollars.

Numbers cannot replace user value

“A significant amount of traffic and clicks come from bot networks, and get counted as impressions.”

The Great Migration is feasting time for predators — lions, leopards, hyenas and wild dogs — who prey on the herds. Hundreds of thousands of animals don’t make it across.

Similarly, online is fraught with its own predators — fraud bots and non-human traffic — who devour ads and rob marketers of billions. Online ad fraud is set to cost USD7.2B in 2016 (ANA/WhiteOps) and half of all online ads are never seen by humans (Google).

The elephant is now too big to be swept under the rug. A significant amount of traffic and clicks come from bot networks and get counted as impressions.

Still, digital advertising surges and marketers remain enthusiastic. The number of impressions balloon and advertisers thirst for more.

But the dark clouds are gathering and the bubble will burst. It’s not just fraud — according to an Adobe and PageFair report, ad blocking software use soared by 41 percent in 2015. Apparently, users don’t want their online experience to be interrupted by ads. Who knew?

Impressions alone cannot replace user value. The Internet and social media provide infinite numbers. But quality and attention spans have suffered as a result.

Make a real impression on real people

Meanwhile, the solution has been under (above) our noses the whole time.

In the physical world, digital screens are quickly replacing static billboards. Outdoor advertising is now flexible and measurable. Importantly, by being present all over consumers’ path to purchase, this media immediately carries an air of relevance.

Digital board owners unite

The #LookUpLah campaign is a pivotal moment for Malaysia’s outdoor advertising industry. Digital billboard owners have come together to create awareness about the murky world of online ad fraud and bot networks.

The campaign leads up to the launch of Asia’s first programmatic digital out of home booking platform, Moving Audiences, which presents real-world solutions to many of these online advertising problems.

Are bots viewing your online ads? You can reach real people who look at digital billboards.

Are your online ads being blocked? Make real impressions on digital billboards. Do people find your online ads irrelevant? (Over 75% do according to Accenture.)

The platform is integrated with data, which provides valuable insights regarding the audience around screen locations.