As 2016 ends, Ad Blocking is still on the rise: Here's why advertisers are turning to OOH

How often has your online browsing experience been interrupted by a pop-up ad or an auto-play video? Some want to tell you ‘How to Become a Successful Businessman Overnight’ while you scramble to find the ‘x’ button. The answer, judging by the throngs of users turning to ad blockers, is one too many times!

Adobe and PageFair reported that, in 2015, over 200 million internet users installed an ad blocker.These numbers are predicted to jump even further in coming years.

A study conducted by Hubspot sheds greater light on why online ads are so ostracized. Besides the fact that they are plain annoying (video ads that are out of view but still audible, we’re looking at you!), users also complain that these advertisements disrupt their workflow, give rise to security concerns and have an adverse effect on bandwidth and processing time.

The ‘Feel the Real’ campaign launched by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America gives rise to another interesting question, how real is digital anyway? Are real people or bots viewing these digital ads?

Advertisers need a more reliable solution. Many are turning to OOH advertising.

What OOH does exceptionally well is, it meshes the benefits of the physical and digital world. It not only provides advertisements a firm footing in the real world but also combats the threats of fraud and misrepresentation they face online.

OOH media is neither intrusive in nature, nor can it be blocked like online advertisements. You cannot skip, minimize or fast forward a billboard. It captures the viewer’s full, unadulterated attention. This makes out-of-home a palpable and medium that captures real eyeballs and drives web activity.

OOH’s potential is being recognized by an increasing number of advertisers and they have begun incorporating it into their media plans. Kantar Media reports that for the first half of 2015, spending on outdoor ads in the U.S. rose 2.7% to $2 billion from a year-ago.

The popularity of this medium is further fueled by the fact that it amplifies the reach of other digital, social and mobile marketing efforts.

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