OOH media plays active role as consumers spend more time on the move

Plenty of people, including advertisers and media professionals still seem to consider outdoor advertising as a passive medium. Out-of-Home (OOH) media may have started out as a medium to complement other conventional media like television and print, but it has grown to be much more than that.

According to PQ Media, global OOH media spend grew by 6.2% in 2016, making it only one of only two media channels to see advertising growth last year. It is now on its own, a very efficient medium and is gradually being recognised as an active one.

OOH reaches consumers on the go

The main reason for is down to the audience – people are spending more time outside their homes and are participating in more outdoor activities such as shopping and other social activities. Audiences on the go are more likely to engage with the media that are out with them,. Transport development and smart devices have made it possible for people to communicate and work while being on the move. People don’t have to be stuck in one place for long.

Digital expands OOH possibilities

Technology has also played a major role in making outdoor advertising an active medium. From the early days of just banners, posters and printed billboards, we have advanced to digital billboards that can alternate messages in real time, thereby improving audience targeting.

Also, technology has made the buying of outdoor spaces much easier. We now have online tools for media planning and buying. These innovations address some of the problems advertisers faced when considering OOH media such as the manual booking process, lack of audience-targeting, and measurement of the campaign’s impact.

Sensors and public data sources are now used to track audience numbers, eyeballs, and even social chatter around a media asset. Importantly, the ROI of outdoor advertising campaigns can now be monitored in real time.

These developments have contributed to the growth of OOH media, which is now recognised as an important and active medium to reach audiences in urban areas.

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