Location Data enables efficient DOOH campaigns

Location Data Enables DOOH Advertisers to Serve Relevant Content and Optimise Media Spend

Location-based data and Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising is a match made in heaven. The modern citizen is always connected and always on-the-move. They leave digital footprints in the form of geotags and social media activity.

Location data provides useful audience insights, which advertisers can leverage to create more relevant, personalised, and engaging outdoor advertising content and brand experiences.

Better understanding of the consumer path-to-purchase

The plethora of data which mobile location provides is a potential information bank for OOH advertisers.

Location data provides insights into consumers’ preferences, for example, the road they pass to work on a daily basis and consequently, the types and number of outdoor media on their path,

Determine OOH impact and reach

The increasing sophistication of location-based data is a boon for OOH media measurement. For an industry that been dependent on historical data and field surveys, the availability of real-time data is a source of dynamism.

Location data enables advertisers to optimise their ad spend via smarter media buys. For example, advertisers can choose to book time-belted spots that target a specific audience.

Location data also enables these advertisers to trace the impact of their OOH campaigns. For example, “Did the campaign drive more people into my store or mall? They can even alternate creatives to determine which has a bigger impact.

Through these, the impact of outdoor media can be better measured, and more impactful advertising content can be created.

Location data is more than a measurement tool. It is an essential part of the Digital OOH ecosystem. Insights from this data give advertisers the ability to target audiences and serve contextual content, features that were once deemed exclusive to online advertising.

We put location data to task during our Great Outdoor Digital Sale (G.O.D.S.). Moving Insights, our data management platform, measures digital OOH media asset locations (more than 2,000 displays to date).

We then used audience insights from this location data to develop pre-built “audience-targeted” packages for brands to target working adults, families, travellers, shoppers, and youth. Leading Malaysian brands saved millions on their OOH media spend by leveraging our targeted packages and the widest reach of more than 2,000 screens.

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