3 Reasons Why Your Ads Could Go Unnoticed For Months

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The rise of technology in the Out of Home (OOH) realm has led us to be constantly bombarded with information and messages. People are exposed to an excessive amount of data and information which has increased the tendency of overlooking. Marketers find it hard to retain the audience’s attention and interest as humans are programmed to gradually stop responding to stimuli after repetitive exposure; which is also technically known as habituation.

Habituation is one of the challenges in the growth of the OOH industry. This phenomenon will cause failure in getting noticed to visible ads but instead, it will end up as ordinary and forgettable campaigns. Habituated people often do not take real notice and see what lies underneath the ad messages and they are likely to forget what they have seen, thus they never take any further action.

Nowadays, there are a lot of OOH campaigns so the way your brand has to stand out from the other to grab the attention of these habituated audiences. Getting your ad campaign seen does not necessarily mean it is getting noticed on a more conscious level. Taking notice means people are more likely to remember, investigate and take action upon seeing your OOH campaign.

Hence, to get noticed and remembered by the audience for a longer period, marketers need to avoid these three mistakes in planning their OOH campaign.


Dull ad creatives

An outstanding and unique ad campaign can spark interest in the subconscious mind of the audiences where it primes them to notice it in the future. Offering a more versatile OOH campaign will evoke undeniable emotions and generate longer attention spans among the audiences. Creating ad content that resonates with their audiences on a fundamental level will make your brands to be more noticeable and memorable.

The more attention marketers give to their audiences, the longer they can retain it. Though your ad campaigns were done many years ago, the outstanding campaigns might resonate and stay with the audiences for several years.

However, executing dull and monotonous ad creatives are the mistakes some marketers still do. Creative advertising strategies give a more memorable experience, longer-lasting impressions, less media spending and build stronger brand loyalty. Creativity in ad campaigns includes engagement, relevancy, originality and personalisation. An ad creative can be visually appealing but convey irrelevant information that is not engaging with the audiences. These key points will determine the ability of the OOH campaign to move beyond being labelled only as ‘pretty’ ads.

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Unextended advertising approach

To get noticed, brands also need to communicate and talk to their customers. As OOH is digitised, marketers now have the ability to extend their ad sharing online and create a strong online presence through a website and social media. People are gradually returning back on the roads in some countries while others are operating on SOP guided freedom, marketers have to look for ways to reach their customers even beyond the physical billboards.

Online interactions make brands appear more approachable and personally close to audiences. Engaging further with your customers will develop strong brand loyalty which indirectly creates chances of creating a group of amateur brand ambassadors for your brands. Information can spread like wildfire in social media, so when a customer resonates with your brand, they willingly spread positive feedback about your product via word-of-mouth or even write an online review influencing the opinion of people close to them.

Having a strong online presence also allows you to easily rectify any misconceptions or misunderstandings about your brand. By linking both Offline to Online, marketers can further understand an audience’s end-to-end behaviour, expectation and store footfall in the long run. This helps marketers link whether the priming of the ad’s have led to actionable results from the targeted audience.

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Reaching too broad of audience groups

Having an ambitious goal is not wrong but setting irrelevant and impossible goals are what makes marketers fail. Most brands who try to reach too broad of an audience group always end up not being able to reach them at all. This happens due to the lack of personalisation - when marketers fail to target a specific audience or offer a more generalised reach with hyper-local accuracy. If you target the right audience at the right time, chances are your OOH ad campaign will not only be seen but reach the audiences in a more personalised manner.

Customers should be exposed to the OOH campaigns at critical touchpoints and during times of the highest influence for it to be more impactful and effective. Geofencing and beacon technology is one of the tools that should be integrated into the OOH media to target specific demographics and locations. This integration will add a digital component to the physical campaigns which will make the OOH ad hard to be ignored.

It is important for businesses, especially the SMEs to start focusing on the local audiences first on their early stage of business expansion. Not every SME will cater to mainstream customer needs, and for niche ventures, it is vital to reach carefully profiled and targeted audiences. Once you have built a sturdy foundation of your brand awareness among your target audience, then the next step to drive loyalty and generate brand awareness to a larger group of audiences will be much easier.


Are you staying visible?

The pandemic outbreak has affected a lot of verticals, including the Out-of-Home industry. moving forward, marketers should take these factors into consideration to avoid their OOH ad campaign from going dark, even when the lockdown enforcement is already over. In this period of uncertainty, marketers should embrace location data and technology in their OOH campaign strategy to make their brand more visible and make their audiences outdoor moments more memorable and impactful.

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