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3 Ws to More Effective Outdoor Advertising

On Aug 27, 2018

Planning and executing a successful outdoor advertising campaign is especially challenging for smaller businesses who are working to maximise limited budgets.

Traditionally, outdoor advertising is all about location. But the best locations demand the highest rentals. However, there are a host of audience insights that you can tap into to design the most effective billboard campaign for your spend. 

Here are some simple guidelines that you can follow to execute your marketing campaign with ease. Take a three step strategy. Decide Why, Where and When. 

Step 1:

WHY do you need to advertise?

To make your advertising campaign effective, define your campaign objectives. Be very clear and precise in terms of determining the campaign goals.

Start with why: What is the purpose behind launching the campaign? It can be introducing a new product in market or letting the public know about your discount offer. This is a very crucial step to choosing the right media assets. 

For example, if your objective is to drive foot traffic to your store, you should map out billboards that can help you direct traffic to your store. Conversely, if the idea is to drive traffic to your online store, locations where people wait (high dwell times) would make more sense. 

Step 2:

WHERE do you need to advertise?

This step involves careful selection of the locations where your ad needs to be placed. You have to choose the most suitable locations that would help you meet the marketing objectives.

You need to identify all the outdoor billboard platforms available to you including public transits, heavy traffic areas, road junctions, and malls.

Today, outdoor advertising has gone beyond "outdoor". You can choose from the traditional roadside billboards to elevator screens that target working professionals. 

While getting the highest reach remains important, getting the right reach should be the priority for smaller and growing business. After all, if you have a well defined target audience, you need to plan to have a brand presence in areas frequented by these people. 

Step 3:

WHEN to advertise?

Offline media decisions should be driven by the movement of your target audience.

Traditionally, brands would be limited to one-month media buys or even a minimum of three-month bookings on more premium sites. But this does not always align with your campaign objectives. 

If the goal is to maximise your spend, a tactical two-week blitz on digital billboards to promote an upcoming event or sale makes more sense than a six-month static billboard in just one locations.

Similarly, time-belted buys enable brands to reach audiences during traffic rush-hours or lunch/dinner hours depending on the type of product being promoted. 

Outdoor advertising has never been as dynamic or flexible as it is today. Today, the medium can be planned for and bought just as you would any online advertising campaign.

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