4 Reasons to Invest in Transit OOH Media

Emerging markets are making major investments in transport infrastructure including airports, light rail transit, and high speed rail. In many of these countries, especially the Asian ones, this has become the driving force behind the growth of outdoor advertising. Here are a few reasons why transit media is becoming an increasingly popular advertising choice.

We already know outdoor advertising is set up to keep growing especially when market researchers are predicting that consumers will spend around 25% more of their time outdoors in 2019 compared to 2018. Much of this time is spent commuting to work or travelling using different means of transportation.

According a study conducted by Clear Channel Airports (CCA), consumer insights show a rough estimate of around 80% of flyers taking notice of OOH media billboards, and a whopping 42% of them participate in the call to action afterwards. Another 19% of these consumers then go on ahead to actually buy what they’ve seen in the ad.

These numbers may seem fantastic, but experts predict that they’re only bound to grow in the next decade to come.

So what is it about transit advertising –and why has it become one of outdoor media's bigger trends? 

Reaches affluent audiences

Transit areas, especially airports, are hotspots for target audiences that range from middle class to higher class income earners. This likely means they’re willing to spend a little bit more if your brand requires it.

Frequent flyers also have a keen understanding that shopping in airports is part of the travel experience, which makes them a market more inclined to splurge and treat themselves while they’re at it.

A study by JCDecaux has also found that around 73% of flyers prefer to indulge at the airport, and lean towards higher scale products such as electronics or designer clothes.

Makes use of the long travel times

Perhaps one of the major elements that makes transit advertising such a great idea would be the long dwell times. Whether it's checking in and getting on a flight or waiting for the next train or bus to arrive, there are often huge crowds waiting from anywhere between a few minutes to an hour or two.

Additionally, most audiences are "waiting" and will be more likely to pay attention to an engaging message on a nearby digital screen. 

Targets the right mindsets

Any OOH provider will be quick to illustrate the importance of location, ad message, demographics and, most importantly, mindset for something to stick.

Whether or not it’s a traditional board or digital billboard displays, ads tend to have maximum impact when audiences are in a captive state. For example, research done by OOH media groups in airport advertising, audiences have a solid 90% ad awareness in the airport. This comes from their ability to be highly receptive and relaxed in the space, knowing they will be waiting or doing nothing much for a period of time.

Taking advantage of exclusivity

Additional OOH media results also show that almost 92% of flyers are likely to visit brick and mortar establishments after being exposed to their ads in an airport.

Even though the exact same ad content and message might be delivered in a different location, travellers are much more inclined to either contact the brand - visit their website, engage in interactive digital billboard campaigns because of the sheer exclusivity of the space they are in.

All things considered, transit locations have been recognised as the next space for outdoor advertising innovation. Locations where dwell times are high and distractions are low have become a rarity in our digitally-connected world. It is no wonder that airport digital signage is among some of the highest-priced outdoor media inventory!

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