A Day In The Life Of An Ad Operations and Content Designer - Hairul Haniff



Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of a creative content designer at Moving Walls would be like? Meet Hairul Haniff, the creative content designer at Moving Walls. 


Hairul, Tell Us More About Your Role

My task as a Creative Content Designer relates to any design work that is needed by anyone in the company and clients. As we are an ad-tech company, creative spreads across the advertising operations or also known as Ads-Ops, and not just marketing alone. 

My tasks include creating videos, designing creatives for products, events, campaigns, and any other marketing tasks. We have social media posts that go out daily, and what I do is I  help to create templates for those creatives, sometimes I even design the whole creative for celebratory or festive posts.

Whenever the company holds events, town halls, or festive celebrations, you’ll probably see me shadowing the corners to take photos or videos. It’s important to capture event moments as employees will remember these memorable experiences. 

These photos will be repurposed on all our marketing and social media platforms. My workload is normally based on projects and deadlines. The more events I have, the busier I will be. 

I also get to work alongside the ad-ops team very frequently. Here we get to interact directly with clients where the team pitches ideas, receive and sometimes adjusts creatives that are needed for an outdoor campaign to run.  As campaigns are timely, working with the ad-ops team involves the technical side of things as well as the creativity bit. 


Your Job Sounds Interesting! Run Us Through A Quick View Of Your Day!

For sure! 

6.00 am - To start off, I’m up quite early every day. In fact, I am very keen on attending to my daily prayers as a Muslim. So one of the first things I attend to in the morning after I freshen up is my morning prayer. Faith and prayer are very important to me and takes precedence. Once I am done with my prayers, I make it a point to have a healthy breakfast before I leave for work. 

9.30 am - At our office, we have a culture where no matter what all of us are going through individually we all feel welcomed, safe, and stress-free when we walk in to work. All of us, including myself, greet each other and take a moment to catch up and interact with each other. When I get to my desk, I would check my emails first and take note of any pending tasks. I usually never know what to expect within the day as there are several ad-hoc tasks that pop up. 

10.00 am - My first call for the day will start with the ad-ops team where we give updates on the campaigns that are going live. Sometimes the screens, where the campaign ad runs, might have issues where the creatives might be glitching, unclear, and so on. When this happens, we in the operational team will fix it, at times the team engages in field visits to fix these issues.  

11.00 am - There will be another stand-up call with the marketing team to get updates if I am needed for any designing tasks.

1.00 pm - All wallers will go for lunch together as we use this time to mingle with each other. Once done with lunch, I will excuse myself and go for my prayers.  

2.00 pm - After our lunch break we return to our work and pick up where we left off. My workload depends on a particular day, sometimes I have a lot on my plate, and on other days I may have it easy. On most days, I finish work by 6 pm. 


What is your office nickname? 

I’m an absolute foodie. Some call me the office Santa Claus as I’d keep filling up the office pantry with some goodies! Moving Walls is like a second family to me and I do love seeing everyone together over a good meal. Sadly, I had to move to Penang a couple of months ago due to personal reasons. However, it doesn’t stop me from sending food to the office remotely. This is my way of showing appreciation and that I miss the folks in the office.


Hairul, what do you love the most about your job? 

This is a very good question. As a designer, the part that I love most is when I get to explore new creative ideas every single day. My job teaches me something new every day and I make it a point to learn and adapt to design trends and new tools that will make me a better designer. 


What do you do in your leisure time? 

I’m a simple guy. When I am free I tend to play video games, and sometimes I would head out to various campaign sites and take pictures of the digital billboards.


Sometimes it is hard to understand what the client wants and deliver the concepts that they were expecting. What would you say about this? 

First of all, I will try to understand what the client wants and what the ideal end objective of their campaign is. Once you get a picture of what the campaign goal is, you can always measure up the creative output against this and even test the responses of other team members who can objectively look at different versions and give their feedback. At the end of the day, the creative is simply a means to the end so we make sure to have that in mind.


What is most rewarding about being a creative personnel? 

The biggest reward of being a creative designer is that I learn something new every day. It can be a new design, new website, new designing tool, or software. Without fail, I gain lots of knowledge and ideas every day and that gives me the urge to want to learn and explore more about designing. 


Words of advice? 

“Be creative, break the rules and push your design skills by coming up with new and innovative ideas. Graphic design is about exploration and experimentation of your own creativity.”

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