A Day In The Life Of Hasif Daud, HR Executive at Moving Walls

“I’m a people’s person. I like people and I want to see people do well. There is undeniable joy when I get to see someone grow as a person.”

-Hasif Daud, HR Executive


What does a typical day in the life of a Human Resource (HR) Executive look like? Today we will have a look at A day in the life of Hasif Daud, who is an HR Executive at Moving Walls, to learn more about his daily experience and work ethic.


Hasif, Can You Share With Us What Are The Key Responsibilities Of Your Role?

As an HR Executive, I am responsible for a few of our Southeast Asian markets. I am assigned to manage the monthly payroll, where I have to make sure it is the accurate dispersant.

Aside from that, I am solely responsible for the Human Resource Management System (HRMS) that the company uses. The system generally tracks all employee information, documents, and other resources, and it is my responsibility to ensure that the data is accurate and up to date in the system. I supervise and update the personal information of all our employees including and not limited to their offer letters, certifications, and other personal documents. 

Furthermore, I take care of all inquiries related to salary and benefits. If any employee has any issue or inquiry regarding their salary or benefits, they will come looking for me to discuss the particular matter. 

The HR department keeps a constant check on the pulse of the organisation’s most important resource - its people -, ensuring that they fit in and feel connected, aside from the obvious which is understanding their roles, responsibilities, and duties. Every year, the company conducts yearly performance and management assessments. As a part of this activity, the employees all undergo peer review and assessment that will determine their increments, promotions, and more.  I help out in these processes too.   

How Would You Describe Your Typical  Work Day? 

Let’s see. Here’s what a day typically for me looks like. 

6:00 am – I believe in setting the right mindset the very moment our eyes meet the day. I start my day by making my bed and taking time to be grateful. I try to summon simple words of gratitude for the things that I appreciate most in my life. 

6:30 am – Once I’m properly up, I would go through my morning reading, maybe take a peek or two at social media feeds and when I’m done with this, it's usually time to get ready for work. Right before leaving the house, I’ll take another look around to ensure that everything is neat and tidy and just the way I want it to be when I return home. This gives me that ‘organised’ feeling to start my day in the right frame of mind 

8.30 am - It’s coffee time! 

9:00 am - The real deal starts here. I’ll go through my inbox and check unopened emails, updates, or new tasks. As I go through each one of them, I will take note of everything that is listed on the mail so that I keep track of my work and ensure that nothing is missed. If there are any pending items that need to be sorted out that morning, I’ll take care of them first. 

9.30 am - Next, I would do my daily rounds. This is also one of my favorite parts of the day! I take a walk to check the surroundings of the office to make sure everything is in order. I’d chat with anyone present.  It will be where I make sure the most-used equipment in the office - our printer is in good condition, the supplies in the pantry are sufficient, and also will have a quick chat with the office maintenance staff to see if everything is okay. 

11:00 am - During this time, we have our daily stand-up meeting with the India team where we update our daily tasks. The company generally believes in having an ‘open-door policy. I strongly uphold this and am welcoming of anyone who wants to communicate with me. Team members can just talk to me if they have any issues regarding work or even their personal life and I will be all ears. 

12:00 pm - The masterpiece takes place when I start to work on any pending task that might have been missed out on. Also, employees from other departments might get in touch with me for Docusign related questions. DocuSign is one of the platforms we use to formalise confidential documents like agreements and offer letters, amongst others. 

1:00 pm - Usually, lunchtime. I tend to go a bit later as I might also be having a call with employees from other markets during this time. 

2:00 pm - This is typically my lunchtime, where I go to fuel up for the rest of the day. 

3:00 pm - Continuation of any pending paperwork that needs to be done for the day. It is also when I complete the administrative tasks and any reporting that has to be done. The most important call of the day happens at this time too, the HR stand-up calls.  I would catch up with the HR Manager where I will update her on the daily tasks that I have done. Here’s where she will inform me if there are any new tasks coming my way or if there is anything that I need to do or improve on. If I am having issues with any task, she will also guide me through it and explain it to me in detail about it.  

4.45 pm - I would excuse myself, step out for a bit to complete my prayers. As spirituality means a lot to me, offering my daily prayers is one of the most vital and essential duties for me, as a Muslim, and I respect and uphold it to the best I can.

5:00 pm - It’s time to get back to my workstation and continue with pending work.

6:30 pm - I wrap up for the day and leave the office. Sometimes, when we get really busy, there is a tendency to stay back and finish up some additional tasks. 

That pretty much sums up the whole day!

Thanks For Sharing that With Us! What Kind of Advice Would You Give Someone Considering A Career In HR?

Be kind, open-minded, and approachable. Talk to employees as much as you can and build good relationships with them. The key here would be to make HR a positive influence rather than just someone you can go to if things aren’t going so well for you. And most importantly, be genuine in caring for people. Genuinity will take you a long way! 


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