A Day In The Life Of Jed Manuel, Head of Demand at Moving Walls, Philippines.

“We Are What We Preach. Therefore, I Believe If We Practice Hard Work And Dedication, It Will Always Lead Us To The Path Of Guaranteed Success”.

-Jed Manuel - Head of Demand, Moving Walls


What does a day in the life of the Head of Demand at Moving walls look like? What does it feel like to grow the demand for measurable and automated outdoor advertising, and engage multiple clients and agency folks, while ensuring every execution is world-class? Does Jed Manuel even take a coffee break? We find out about that and more here.

As the Head of Demand, could you tell us about the nature of your role and what you do on a daily basis?

As the Head of Demand, my main task essentially is to reel in sales for programmatic Digital Out-of-Home (pDOOH) and ensure sign-ups to our demand-side planning platform, Moving Audiences Xchange (MAX).

When I first joined Moving Walls a few years ago, pDOOH was relatively a new term. The term was not well known in the market, and not many brands, businesses, or clients were aware of it or its potential.  In order to create the demand and interest for pDOOH, my team and I came up with innovative and educational tutorials on what pDOOH is, particularly on how it is different from traditional outdoor advertising executions.

Being in the tech field, it is extremely common for new technology to emerge very quickly and it is even more important for client-facing teams to keep up with the latest trends and industry jargon - so we can simplify these for our partners by focussing on the key benefits. 

The team and I began experimenting with programmatic for DOOH from scratch, by creating awareness of what pDOOH was by running pilot campaigns. We needed to find what benefits it brings to the clients, and how it creates an impressionable presence for the brands and helps them reach their marketing objectives in an efficient manner. 

The internal marketing team went to the extent of initiating a learning site called Outernet Academy, a free online education platform for anyone to access learning materials about OOH and industry-related topics.

Shifting the Dynamics of Outdoor Media in The Philippines

Initially in the OOH space, we were merely buying based on media site preferences, it was superficial and based on what looked attractive ‘eye catchy’, and whether the clients had budgeted for it  - there was no science to it. Over the years with the rapid emergence of data and tech that has enabled programmatic and dynamic campaign capabilities, we quickly realised how OOH planning shifted to more audience-driven executions. 

By this point, we began having focused group discussions with clients, vendors, and agencies to identify the challenges that these OOH stakeholders were facing. There were gaps within the OOH metrics and how campaigns were being measured - we will then try to find solutions that would fill those gaps effectively. 

By now, most brands, and agencies that are looking to get ahead are aware of what OOH is and a good number of them have already implemented pDOOH by advertising their product with us. Based on the results these clients are seeing, we find that they keep coming back to us and we value their loyalty. I believe that the main reason for this is the fact that we understand exactly what the client is looking for and customer satisfaction is our main priority. 

The platform mentioned earlier -  MAX is powered by a patented data measurement method. Aside from sales generation, I also verify the data we receive from the platform to ensure quality is met and the datasets are accurate. This is better done locally as we are aware of the current context in terms of audience movement trends, road traffic patterns, and so on.

Every time a campaign goes live, I would update the Moving Walls Facebook page, specific to the Philippines (as Facebook is the most frequented social media channel here). This summary will also be used as our reference in the future for clients' examples. The campaign details will then be shared with the internal marketing team to amplify the news on the company’s official social media platforms.

That’s a lot of work! Can you take us through your day? 

6:30 am – Every day my alarm is set at 6.30 am and even if it is a holiday, I still wake up at 6.30 am. Once I am up and about, I get myself ready for work. When I am all set, I reward myself with a good cup of coffee, together with some breakfast which I usually bring to the office. I have my breakfast in the office before I get started with my work. 

8.30 am - Perks of having the office only a few minutes away from my house is that I get to leave the house at 8.30 am and I will be there before 9.00 am.

9:00 am - Emails are the first thing I get started with officially. This will take about an hour to go through and reply to them. I will take a look at my calendar to see what meetings I have for the day, and will plan my day accordingly. 

10.00 am - Much of my time is spent on preparing reports for all the campaigns that are going live, and this report is to keep track of how the campaigns are performing. Once the report is ready, I will share it with the client. This is to make sure that clients are always updated on how their campaign or advertisement is faring in real-time. 

12:00 pm - As for lunch, my wife makes it a point to cook and pack for me a scrumptious meal for my lunch so this is something I always look forward to!

1:00 pm - Once I am back at the office, I will get started on sales proposals for clients who have requested them. This proposal is created when a client wants to advertise their product using our service. When the client requests a sales proposal, the proposal will consist of how many billboards they are going to use, how much it's going to cost, what type of billboard they are going to advertise through, and much more. Usually, this is the only thing I will focus on after lunch as it needs to be done meticulously and takes a lot of time. Sometimes clients would want to have a meeting with me to better understand the metrics or how the program would work, so I attend to that as well. I share with them the available data and keep them informed. 

Many businesses make data-driven decisions, as such, these insights are useful to them. However, time will always not be enough to get all the work done in a day, sometimes I really wish there were more than 24 hours in a day - don’t we all?

6:00 pm - The day will officially come to an end at the office.  I then head home to spend some quality time with my family. I think family time is important and maintaining a work-life balance helps us all to be more productive. 

That is basically what a day in my life will be like, it's not the most exciting day but it's one where I get to be productive and that drives my passion for the business and industry. 

That’s a lot to accomplish within a single day and no doubt it is a lot of work. What advice would you give someone who is working or wants to get into the same industry as you are in?

What I would say is no matter what happens, keep on working hard. There are difficult days and there are easier ones. You need to make it through one to get to the other. Therefore, no matter what your day brings you, make sure you work hard, you are totally and wholeheartedly dedicated to what you are doing. Always make sure your effort is consistent and you certainly see success as you go. 

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