A Guide to OOH advertising in 2019

What is meant by outdoor advertising?

Outdoor advertising is any advertising directed at consumers outside of their homes to publicise a business. Now known as out-of-home advertising or OOH media, the term "outdoor advertising" no longer stands for its traditional definition of a static billboard placed outside where people can see.

OOH media is a completely different proposition today. Apart from eye-catching visuals, improved audio quality and enticing messages, as media companies or brand owners, you can now personalise your content to specific consumers, and track their behaviour after they've walked past your billboard!

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Now that we know what outdoor advertising means today, let's evaluate the different types of outdoor advertising.


  • Billboard advertising

Using billboards is the go-to advertising for any brand. When choosing a billboard for your campaign, make sure you are targeting the right audience at the right time in the right place. As a brand owner, you need to understand who your consumers are, when are they outdoors, and where they like to go. It is possible to measure all these factors with real statistics when you are working with the right people who have the right tools.

How does it work?

Imagine this scenario. When stuck in a traffic jam, your consumers are more likely to look at large billboards for amusement. These people most likely travel to and from work using the same routes. Statistics show that 71% often look at roadside billboards and unconsciously process repeated messages. This strategy allows your advertisement to reach a mass audience in a short amount of time.

You can select strategic locations where your billboard reaches a targeted population present in large amounts. Consumers will be able to recall your billboard ad after repeated exposure. One thing to avoid is wordiness and colours that blend in with the location.

  • Retail advertising

Retail advertisements are ads that market a specific product you'd like to sell at your retail store. You'll be targeting local consumers typically found walking around malls. Your target audience will already be in the state of wanting to purchase something, and this gives you the perfect opportunity to push your product.

How does it work?

When your consumers are looking for something, they are most likely open to suggestions for better options. If the offer on your ad is a better option than what they were initially looking for, you'd have won this consumer over. Similar to billboard ads, you'd want to keep your messages short but meaningful.


  • Point of sale displays

Point of sale displays, or POS displays, are ads or products located where your consumers make their purchase. These ads could be window signage, floor stands, and shelf displays of the actual products, promoting the latest discounts, limited edition items, and limited-time-only deals!

How does it work?

Attract your customers with discounts, special deals, and exclusive items by making it hard for them to resist. If you display discounted or exclusive items near the checkout counter where they are already in a state of purchasing, your customer is more likely to engage with the product. What supports this dynamic is how the items are within reach, making it more convenient for the customer to reach for your product.


  • Vehicle advertising

This type of advertising is especially useful when you want to create awareness for your brand on a large scale. The two major types of vehicle advertising are billboards (mostly digital) and wraps. They can be trucks with digital billboards installed at the side or a taxi in a vehicle wrap with your ad printed on it. Vehicles move around different parts of the city, reaching an endless amount of consumers each day. Your ad is not bound to a specific location or audience.

How does it work?

It is a non-aggressive way of approaching your audience without distracting them from what they were doing in the first place. Consumers don't like the feeling of a product aggressively pushed to them, so keep in mind that you want your customers to gravitate towards you. Since your vehicle ad is actively engaging with different crowds throughout the day, making it one of the most cost-efficient ways to get your brand noticed.


  • Guerrilla advertising

Guerrilla advertising is a method of advertising that yields maximum results with minimum cost. Guerrilla advertising, also known as ambient advertising, is a strategy used to attract audience engagement with objects that interact with the surroundings. The goal is to evoke a sensational, viral, buzz, by ambush.

How does it work?

You want your ad to carry emotional impact, making your ad memorable and valuable. The idea is to impress your consumers with unique and original ideas that they have not seen anywhere else. You can use the most unlikely materials for your campaign like plastic wastes

These strategies are still applicable to current trends of consumer behaviour, and technology advancement has created more room to innovate OOH advertising. Be warned, because the world of advertising is about to BLOW-YOUR-MIND!


Here are some examples of outdoor advertising campaigns using innovative ways to increase consumer engagement with technology and creativity.


Hitting the bulls-eye with SVP Dynamic OOH, Shell Malaysia

What captured the audience of this advertising campaign is the head-on view of a billboard that recognises the vehicle brand in front of it and personalises the billboard content to interact with the driver. What will really impress you, as a brand owner, is how the effectiveness of the advertisement was measured




Highway Gallery, Louvre Abu Dhabi

Another great way of making an impact with your campaign is to change an entire landscape by setting up billboards that entertain and educate.

The Highway Gallery uses FM jammers powered by solar panels to spice up a boring ride through miles of (nothing but) sand!

 Powerade’s Workout Billboards, Powerade Berlin

Meaningful advertising makes a lasting impression and generates long-term customers. Packing a real punch with their campaign, Powerade set up Workout Billboards around Berlin, challenging their consumers' skills in rock climbing, boxing and weight lifting.

Meaningful advertising is not just spending money on the biggest billboard in town. Your advertisements should reflect on the quality of your product and your values to gain long-term customers. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy. As cliche as it sounds, spend your money wisely, by advertising to the right audience, at the right place and time, with the right strategies.

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Outdoor advertising has been transformed digitally. Marketers are now experimenting with real-time data triggers, interactive content, and omnichannel integration.

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