A Nostalgic Trip Through Malaysia’s Iconic Locations and DOOH Installations As We Celebrate ‘Federal Day’


Here is a little introduction to Malaysia’s Federal Territory Day, which is also called ‘Hari Wilayah’ – it was first introduced on 1st February 1974, which is 4 days after when the Federal Territory Agreement was signed, 28th January 1974. The date marks the anniversary of the formation of the Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory, ceded by the state of Selangor to the federal government of Malaysia. Federal day is typically celebrated annually on the first day of February whilst the theme of this year’s Federal Territory Day is Wilayah Persekutuan Maju dan Sejahtera (Federal Territory Progress and Prosper).

Federal Day: Then vs. Now

As we walk down memory lane, literally, the landscape that we used to know then is most probably different from what we see now. We want to take a moment to remember how far we have come since the initiation of Federal day and how much the nation has developed in terms of infrastructure and technology.

Here’s how some of these famous locations looked then and now:

Image 1.1: Jalan Sultan Ismail via Pinterest
Image 1.2: Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman (Previously known as Batu Road) via Pinterest
Image 1.3: Old Kuala Lumpur Railway Station via Pinterest

With technology transforming the urban canvas, it is no wonder that LED billboards and digital screens are seen almost everywhere. Here are snapshots of how this has changed the urban experience in and around Bukit Bintang, the shopping hub of Kuala Lumpur’s CBD area.

Image 1:4: Bukit Bintang, One of Kuala Lumpur City’s most iconic streets via Pinterest


On the topic of digital billboards and banners, we have partnered some amazing media owners who have set up sites across these locations. Here’s what they have been doing to enhance public communication across Kuala Lumpur:

A roadside landscape LED by Media Owner LIBROFF 

Image 1:5: Jalan Tun Razak (Previously known as Jalan Pekeliling) – During a campaign for Dell

Over-the-bridge vertical LED display by Ledtronics

Image 1.6: An Image captured on Federal Highway Mid-Valley during Lalamove’s campaign 

Vertical digital urban panel by Media Owner Big Tree

Image1.7: Jalan Damansara (drive-by Taman Tun Dr Ismail)  for LANCOME

A lot has changed in the past few decades due to technological and infrastructural changes. We can continue expecting more developments to arise in the near future. Static screens have become something in the past, as now more and more media owners are adding or changing their screens to digital format equipped with dynamic content capabilities and audience data reporting. As this continues to happen, we look forward to seeing what the city looks like in years to come!

Featured Media Owners:

Libroff Sdn. Bhd. –

Ledtronics –

Big Tree –




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