A Quick View on ‘What is OOH’?

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When we say Out of Home (OOH), one of the first things that might pop up is literally “Out of Your Home” - Think of OOH as an opportunity for a person to consume an advertisement outside their homes. OOH in short, generally appears in the field of vision as people go through their daily activities.

Some of the most common forms of OOH ads include facade billboards, both static and digital, public transit formats in trains or taxi wraps, street furniture like benches, bus stops while newer formats of OOH consists of tabletops, kiosks, automatic hand sanitiser displays machines etc. These various formats account for many locations, sometimes a network of locations worldwide. Today, with the help of data and technology advancement, most Outdoor Advertisements are becoming digitised and data-driven while most out ads remain static.

Why advertisers’ love OOH?

1) It's unskippable

First, OOH ads aren’t skippable. Consumers aren’t able to skip, block the ads in real life. Outdoor ads are big, bold, very hard to miss. This means that there are high chances they get noticed. What’s more, is OOH ads aren’t intrusive to the consumers. They might be big and attention-grabbing, but they do not interfere with the consumers daily activities.

2) Consumers trust it

OOH, ads get rid of any doubts consumers might have on your product or service in terms of ad fraud. They instinctively know the ads are legit and real. If you are serving the ad on the billboard, both your consumers know that the product or service is available right there and then, in that geographic area.  

3) Extremely Effective when combined with Other Channels

There are plenty of proven facts and case studies out there to show that when OOH is combined with other channels, it yields extremely effective results. Let’s talk numbers here. Research from Ocean NeuroScience found that “when a consumer is exposed to an OOH ad first, and later exposed to the same ad on mobile, the click-through rate increases by 48%.” Similarly, “46% of surveyed adults searched online for the desired product after seeing it on an OOH ad first.” extracted from Nielson and OAAA’s research. 

The Increasing Popularity of OOH

OOH is probably the only traditional media amongst all other traditional media that is still surviving in an increasing digitally-driven world. In fact, it was becoming more and more valuable today than before. 

Why is this the case? One of the main factors that contribute to this is the adoption of digital technologies by static billboards. Simply put OOH is digitising. Screen owners are slowly changing their static displays into digital where the new capabilities and effectiveness is driving this industry forward. 

DOOH offers exciting colours, motion and dynamic creativity and can play multiple ads at a given time, giving owners the discretion to change their ads at the same time offering up opportunities to be creative with their messaging.

While OOH has now options from these digital capabilities, OOH measurement has strengthened as well. The availability of data and location intelligence, as well as audience attribution, has offered advertisers and insight to measure their campaigns Return on investment (ROI) and understand the profile and behaviours of their audience. When these metrics are at hand, brands can make informed decisions and easily link back ROI to spends. 

What’s next for OOH?

With all the noise around Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, 5G, and more, the future of transacting in OOH now seems near-fetched. Today, programmatic DOOH  (pDOOH), is the automating of planning, transaction and delivery of campaigns similar to online advertising are becoming more common. Programmatic DOOH although cannot be compared 1 for 1 to online, features are aligning themselves to online in their own unique way. The programmatic feature of DOOH also allows DOOH screens to be connected to global Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) where digital buyers are, making OOH more inclusive into the digital campaign mix.

Other more creative features which are quickly gaining traction are weather triggers, dynamic content delivery, interactive content. When pre-set conditions are met, the type of content and interactivity can resonate with audiences on a highly personal level like time of day, specific location, proximity to store etc. This is a sleek touch to bring a bigger impact to OOH usability.

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