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As OOH continues to digitise, giving brands more new things to play with, measurement continues to be the most tricky challenge faced by media planners, agencies and brands using out-of-home advertisement.

OOH is the only traditional advertising medium that sees yearly consistent growth globally, but has existed without an independent means of verifying ad delivery. As an industry, we tend to point at online ad fraud to advocate for greater OOH spends but there are more fundamental issues of fragmentation and a lack of transparency that needs to be fixed.

The dynamic and contextual nature of digital OOH increases the possibility of incorrect ad delivery, which makes third-party verification critical to the success of the medium. Third-party measurement is important to maximise transparency and verification of data so that both advertisers and media owners have access to every information of the transaction made.

Technology will be the key factor in evolving OOH as a measurable medium and making it a preferred choice for marketers. Although no medium is perfect in offering a maximum return of investments - technological advancement has made OOH measurement much easier.


We had recently piloted the world’s first blockchain-powered digital out-of-home advertising campaign for food delivery giant foodpanda.

The pilot campaign gives us the opportunity to implement emerging technologies in order to solve these long-standing problems to the benefit of all participating partners across the OOH supply chain.


Why Blockchain?

More Secure Transactions - Blockchain eliminates the need for central authority by implementing a distributed database for storing transaction information which is shared and synchronised among the involved parties.

All parties involved in the transaction will be able to benefit from the transparent and immutable ledger of transactions that enables them to verify the performance and delivery of their outdoor campaigns in real-time.

More Effective Data Management - In a blockchain, data is stored in a decentralised manner where the database is not controlled by one central source but operated through a peer-to-peer network. Any changes made can be tracked down and self-corrected by the main network. If a user changes the input values, the entire block will be considered invalid.

Greater Transparency - Advertisers will no longer be reliant on intermediaries to verify campaign performance and delivery. Both advertisers and media owners have access to every information of the transaction made on the blockchain. We see a clear rationale for the media buying of OOH to be more automated, smarter, and more transparent using blockchain technology.


As an immutable ledger of transactions, blockchain can foster greater trust between stakeholders, effectively repositioning OOH investments as a more transparent and accountable medium. This could prove to be a smarter tool for measuring OOH campaigns going forward for the whole industry.


Moving Walls operates Moving Audiences, a patented multi-sensor approach to location-based media measurement. Today, Moving Walls processes more than 10 billion data points and measures more than 35,000 media sites across the globe.

Through measuring physical locations and people movement, this powers Planning, Buying, Verification, and Content Delivery capabilities for location-based media like billboards, digital signage, and transit media. We’re working with the world’s leading advertisers, and media agencies, to bring transparency and automation to Out-of-Home (OOH) media.


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