A Startup Marketing Guide to Digital Outdoor Advertising

2004.i603.001_online_education_set-04Advertising has undergone a major metamorphosis as social media ads and Internet ads have changed the way we view advertising campaigns and their outcomes.

Until about two decades ago, outdoor advertising was extremely similar to its earliest form – a static painted or pasted ad.

It’s only been about two-decades or so that digital billboards have become prominent to the point of being the primary form of outdoor advertising available today.

Today, every new outdoor screen being added to our cityscape is a digital screen – be it in malls, train stations, fuel stations, stores, our streets or shopping malls.

And with that new format of dynamic advertising that can run anything from images to videos, there’s a whole new advertising channel that’s suddenly become a viable option for your brand.

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The New DOOH Format

Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) is much more than the mere ad-housing that it was – it has become a way to reach targeted individuals who might be interested in your brand.

The first and foremost benefit is the ability to upload videos, with or without sound.

The ability to actually show much more than a static image means that there’s greater scope for creativity and a better chance of capturing eyeballs.

Sound may or may not be available – it depends entirely on where the screen’s located and what the local noise-level laws are for public message dissemination.

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So, What Else is Different?

Glad you asked because this is where the tide has truly turned with outdoor advertising.

The ability to connect to a screen remotely and run an ad at any chosen moment in time means that targeting outdoor ads has become possible.

Instead of buying all the ad-spots available at rush hour, you can choose to run your ads only when your target audience is in the screen’s vicinity, even during rush hour.


What you find is that instead of running your ad across 200-spots, you might run only 10 or 8 and still get the same reach over the entire rush hour period.

Essentially, digital outdoor advertising allows you to do one very important thing – it allows you to decide when you should spend your ad-budget to get the maximum bang for your buck.

Then there’s the one thing where social media and Internet advertising has had a major advantage – online buying!

The ability to buy an advertisement online makes the process simpler by removing calls, negotiations and meetings from the equation.

You go online – pick from one of the many curated deals or packages available and start running your campaign.

Or, you could go online, ask for a deal that’s customized to your brand’s requirements (budget, location, etc.) and buy that deal instantly.

Either way, you are bringing down the overall planning and execution time for an outdoor campaign, while increasing your campaign’s effectiveness.

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Can Startups really DOOH it?

This is the biggest change that DOOH has undergone over the last couple of years – thanks to Impression-based Advertising.

On Internet or social media ads, you can run campaigns for anything from hundreds of thousands of dollars down to a few dollars – there’s no lower limit of the campaign budget, just a lower limit to what that budget will get you.

Outdoor advertising is heading in that same direction with Impression-led campaigns becoming the norm.

That means the cost of running an outdoor campaign just went down to almost nothing!

Depending on where you want to run your ad and what you want to get out of it, you could run an ad for just a few dollars – something that was extremely improbable in outdoor advertising.

In the end, it always boils down to ad-performance and knowing how to extract the most out of your ad-spend – and to do that, you need to understand the channel, the format and the new developments that have taken outdoor advertising by storm.

And that’s why we’ve created this little eBook to help you understand everything you need to know to use DOOH advertising as a growth channel for your startup.

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