Amplifying Digital Campaign with OOH – The #IWish Campaign


Digital campaigns are considered as the biggest and most efficient forms of advertising, but these assessments aren’t exactly accurate.

If you have a following of a few thousand, highly engaged community members or followers, then yes – you will experience that ‘efficiency’ and ‘return’ that you generally read about.

However, that doesn’t take into account the large number of brands who struggle with a few hundred followers, barely getting any traction on posts and not reaching enough people to think about returns.

Some might have even considered spending a bit of money on digital ads but the performance of their organic posts might have left them wondering if it was all worth it.

For as long as we can remember, we’ve been advocating the use of Omnichannel or Multi-Channel campaigns as the best way to market your brand – we aren’t the only ones either.

However, there’s one little question that’s always stopped people from diving into it – what if it doesn’t work?

Publishing a post on social media is free, so almost every brand gets into it without hesitation - however, ads are different – if you don’t get it right, you may not get returns on the money that you spent.

Taking Nerves out of the Equation

To help brands realise the potential of ads and know whether their posts were worth boosting through other channels, we created a Social Media + Digital Out-of-Home campaign.

The concept was extremely simple – all they had to do was publish a post on social media where they used the hashtag #IWish and also tagged us on the post.

Over a two-week period, they would monitor that post and promote it like they would any other post on social media platforms.

We would take that same post creative and run it on outdoor screens.

While the brands themselves would monitor the performance of the posts on social media, we would track their ad’s reach on outdoor screens.

To help these startups and brands understand the value that DOOH can add to their marketing campaign, we decided to undertake all the expenses for the outdoor ad campaigns – startups and brands didn’t have to pay anything for their outdoor ads.

A Tale of Two Outcomes

Generally, an organic social media post is only impacted by the size of the brand’s followers on that social media platform.

25th Sep- #IWish - InstagramFacebook (1)On average, these brands were in the early stages of gathering followers and their organic posts would receive somewhere between 200 to 600 views.

For that same period, those same creatives would hit monstrous numbers on outdoor ads!

Singapore saw over 150,000 impressions on those posts, which is equivalent to about 0.4% of their overall population.

In Malaysia, the numbers were even bigger as the 2-week campaign run got over 200,000 impressions across 5-screens.

All this happened over a 2-week period – exactly the same duration as what their social media posts were monitored for.

There are other details such as the kind of screens those ads ran on, the locations and the number of ad-plays per day, but for those kind of details, you’d need to download our case study.

The Impact of Omnichannel Campaigns

Historically, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that using multiple marketing channels is exponentially better than simply using a single channel.

However, empirical evidence is always better than theoretical knowledge, which is why it was important for us to show the impact that an omnichannel ad campaign, with outdoor advertising, has on marketing a brand.

There is a reason why the top brands of the world all use outdoor advertising – it has the reach potential and visibility that no other channel has.

Our campaign was merely a demonstration of the power of outdoor advertising for brands who lack the exposure to using outdoor ads as a prospective marketing channel.

Viewership of regular, organic social media posts were elevated by over 240% for most of the brands that participated with us – some by almost by 1000%.

This only happens by precision – after all, precision and accountability is where the future of outdoor advertising lies.

And what this case study will show is just a glimpse of that future.

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