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Want to Build Brand Trust? Whether You're Online or On-the-Block, Physical Advertising Gives You the Edge

On Jun 1, 2018

Brand trust is becoming increasingly fragile in our digital age. Major advertisers like Unilever and Procter & Gamble are reviewing the online platforms their brands appear on. With digital advertising, brands want more control over the type of content their ads appear alongside.
Nielsen suggests that out of home advertising(OOH), an offline medium, remains the most trusted channel.

But why? Out of home advertising presents unique benefits that establish your brand as credible and real.

Engage your audiences

According to research by Marketing Week, outdoor advertising can trigger consumers to interact with the brand on their smartphones. A well-placed OOH campaign results in consumers searching for the brand, navigating to the brand’s website, as well as researching something indirectly related to the brand.

OOH creates a familiar identity and leads your audiences in the right direction.

Start a conversation

Word of mouth holds the most influence amongst your audiences, so join the conversation.

Research by Nielsen suggests that recommendations from friends remain the most credible form of advertising. Outdoor advertising stimulates conversation more than other forms of advertising because of its public nature.

Huge canvases and large audiences ensure that someone, somewhere, is talking about you.

Demand attention


Big, colourful, and expressive. Out of home advertising commands unrivalled reach and a massive audience. It reaches all kinds of consumers without any discrimination and makes a statement on its own.

The advertisement becomes a part of the environment and cannot be turned off or skipped. Unlike other mediums, OOH stands alone and does not compete for attention with other channels. It demands attention, and it gets it.

Have the last word


Location, location, location. The contextual relevance of outdoor advertising because of the momentary impression it makes. Several studies have identified the phenomenon of store sales increasing due to the presence of billboards that drive traffic to their locations. The relevance it holds is fleeting, but a well-placed advertisement close to the point of purchase can have a lasting effect.

Leveraging the short attention span of audiences is vital and can help you gain influence during the last mile before a purchase is made.

Physical presences urge audiences to trust a brand. Think about it. Most of the iconic brands that come to mind are displayed on outdoor billboards that we see just about every day. Human beings are engineered to trust in things that others believe in. You don’t see billboard ads alone. You know that millions of other people are looking at the same board.

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