Crypto Brand Uses Multi-Format DOOH Campaign to Deliver 70M Impressions in Less than a Month

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They say nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity. So when the crypto brand was listed on CoinDCX; India’s leading crypto exchange, the brand wanted to make its debut splash within a short lead time. 

Styled and branded as ‘the people’s cryptocurrency’, this crypto brand is renowned for its passion and presence on social media. When launched in 2021, the brand rocked the crypto world with one of the most aggressive and widely discussed real-world marketing campaigns the young industry has seen to date. 

Crypto currency trends are known to change as a result of social hype. So naturally, when the brand set its sight on India at the time of its being listed on DCX, it wanted to amplify the offering and capitalize on an opportunity where it would be accessible to millions of crypto enthusiasts in India. 

Along with the Crypto brand’s media agency, MAG aka Media Agency Group, which is a UK-based media agency group, we tried to address the following communication challenge:  

Communication Challenge: How can a Crypto brand leverage programmatic Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) activation to drive the highest brand visibility for their latest coin in India while the marketing planning continues to be done from the UK?

The crypto brand wanted to be present and visible where audiences were spending the most time, outside their homes. To achieve this, we launched a Programmatic DOOH campaign across India using mixed DOOH formats while the planning was executed completely out of the UK.

The Technology Used: A One-Stop Programmatic DOOH Solution

Using Moving Audiences, a platform that provides cloud-based planning, buying and measurement for all forms of OOH advertising, the brand was able to automate the OOH media planning process, booking and verification from a single platform.

Its USP is a patented measurement model and multi-sensory approach in planning and executing campaigns that have led to many successful campaigns and recognition for:

Audience Targeting & Optimising for specific segments - While traditional OOH advertising was location-specific, programmatic DOOH is audience-specific. The more criteria that can be set for a campaign, the more accurately you can reach your target audience – be it food lovers, commuters, parents, or in this case, tech enthusiasts – in real-time. 

Digital Signage Network @ Times Delhi Airport

The Media Execution and Insights 

The Billboard: During the planning stage, we profiled each billboard by understanding the audiences around it as the persona of the billboard can be defined based on its vicinity. This helps in identifying the right set of clients for the billboard. Since the communication had to ensure an impactful awareness, multiple venue types would have to be activated to cover locations where audiences spend time.

We identified India’s most in-demand digital billboards which command a head-on view in the major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Telangana, West Bengal, and Hyderabad amongst others. 

Several types of media formats were considered including spectaculars, over-the-head bridges, mobile billboards (offshore screens), metro screens (in-train networks), mall signages, premium airport formats and other DOOH formats. The media sites selected were also in high-income/affluent locations that are able to reach relevant audiences.

In total, the platform was able to programmatically activate inventory from 11 Digital OOH media owners and an additional 7 static media owners, and the campaign spread across 808 media sites in total. 

Facades on Raya Media @Hughes Road, Babulnath Junction

The Results

The Moving Audiences platform ensured the crypto brand was able to do two things effectively - Build a data-driven plan that maximized impressions and verify that the ads planned for actually got delivered. 

Based on the platform, we found that:

  • The campaign was able to build a data-driven plan that maximized impressions - overall it has delivered 70.60 Mil impressions in just four weeks!
  • A total reach of 9.06 Mil with an average frequency of 7.79.
  • The attribution data suggests re-targetting opportunities where regions such as Maharashtra taking a huge piece of the pie with 27.1 percent followed by Gujarat with 19.9 percent, Delhi at 15.7 percent, and West Bengal at 13.1 percent. These states were preceded by Telangana, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. 
  • The campaign was able to reach more than 60% of frequent travellers from the overall audience reach suggesting an on-target impact on working professionals.

Additionally, the programmatic capabilities of the campaign were able to solve the following campaign challenges:

  1. Automation - Programmatic DOOH advertising makes it possible for anyone anywhere to access outdoor advertising in another market. 
  2. Optimisation - With the surge in ad-tech in OOH, programmatic DOOH has been heralded as the driver of media efficiency and connecting billboard media to this technology is attracting digital buyers to the medium.
  3. Audience Data and Insights - Marketers can access recent audience movement trends and impression forecasts to make decisions. The Moving Audiences platform provides planning inputs for every type of DOOH format.
  4. Ad Verification - Once the campaign went live, we were able to then verify that the ads planned for actually got delivered.

In summary, the beauty of programmatic for outdoor advertising is that not only does it allow connectivity to the wider marketplace by accessing multiple types of screens at various locations, but advertisers can precisely select locations that are relevant and verify that their ads were delivered at the right times.

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