Case Study – DCHA’s Impression-Led Omnichannel Campaign for more Hospital Visits!


The medical industry has been under heavy strain and struggle during the waves of patients that the COVID-19 pandemic has sent their way.

Combined with the lockdown orders prevalent, general hospital-visits went down as people looked at hospitals as prime locations for COVID-spread, thereby foregoing their usual medical checks.

However, medical personnel at the District of Columbia Hospital Association knew the importance of regular health checks for those who weren’t suffering from COVID-19.

The fear of a COVID-19 infection meant people would not come for routine check-ups, but that didn’t mean that other illnesses or infections had ceased to exist – they could still occur and still needed to be monitored.

Their Objective

Once lockdowns were relaxed and people started heading out more, routine hospital visits didn’t pick up as the image of a hospital became that of a COVID-19 breeding ground!

The DCHA decided that they needed to change something and decided to use outdoor advertising as a way to bring people back into hospitals and change their attitude towards regular check-ups and the COVID-19 situation in hospitals.

The Campaign

The DCHA exploited the outdoor advertising channel to target those who had begun heading outdoors – They focused their messaging on reinstating the faith that hospitals deserved and changing people’s mindset about them.

dchaCredits: Agency - Outfront Media / Client - DCHA

The focus was on portraying hospitals as safe, secure locations with very little possibility of contracting COVID-19 from a routine check-up.

They focused on three simple outdoor advertising strategies:

  • Location: As they had a wide customer segment, their primary focus was to reach as many people as possible, in as little time as possible – this made high-traffic zones with lots of foot and vehicular traffic the best place for their ads.
  • The Technology: The DCHA knew that there is a difference in the performance of static, classic billboards and live digital screens that can display video and dynamic imagery
    • They chose digital billboards and screens for greater impact at high-traffic, transit hubs
    • Dioramas gave a dimensional effects to their ad-creatives
    • They combined digital ads with bike-share ads and bus-exterior ads for greater reach and mobility for their creatives
  • Proximity Target: Geofencing created a virtual boundary around a location that triggered a mobile ad on people’s phones as they passed a geofenced location

They combined outdoor ads with mobile advertising to create an omnichannel campaign that surpassed all expectations – and here’s how they measured it!

The Campaign Outcome

The objective of the campaign was to get people coming back into hospitals and not be scared of contracting COVID-19 over the course of a regular check-up – numbers had dropped and they needed to be brought back up.

The outcome of the campaign surpassed all expectations – with over 1.25 million impressions, the change was evident as over 2,600 people clicked on the adverts served as part of the omnichannel campaign.

The result, however, was just not limited to the click throughs – the number of hospital visits during this period was not just back up again, it was actually higher than the average daily-visit numbers before COVID-19, in January 2020.

The Senior Director of the Communications & Member Engagement, DCHA, Jennifer Hirt stated that “The percent difference in utilization compared to the January pre-COVID baseline continued to show recovery for emergency department visits, acute inpatient admissions, psychiatric admissions, and observation stays throughout the campaign.”

Goes to show what a carefully planned and well-executed Omnichannel campaign, led by digital outdoor advertising, can do for your brand – both in terms of click throughs as well as with physical footfalls.

All data is credited to DCHA and Outfront Media.


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