Develop Extensive DOOH Messages Through Audiences Profiling

A famous lubricant company aimed to extend their OOH effort through omnichannel offerings by identifying the target audience movement patterns.

When a customer comes to your brand, no matter what channel, you have to ensure that you are present.

Now, marketers are realising the importance of OOH media in providing an immersive customer experience.

Out of Home when integrated with the omnichannel approach will be able to provide a seamless user experience across all channels relevant to the buyer's journey.

Every channel works better when integrated compared to when it's working alone.

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Customers today are fragmented; they consume multiple information from multiple sources and channels.

"How can we reach the fragmented customers in this digital saturated world?"

We aimed to assist our client

  • To deliver a seamless offline experience from the first touchpoints and throughout the whole customer journey.

  • To extend audience reach by amplifying multiple touchpoints in the campaign.


Moving Walls's LAMP; IoT-beacon devices were installed to nearest gas stations to attribute walk-ins to the OOH campaign.
The campaign messages were later remarketed to the ‘exposed and primed audiences’ in which the ad messages were pushed to their mobile devices once they leave the billboard area.


  • The campaign managed to reach audiences when they already left the billboard areas which recorded 6M of total visits and 2.6M of unique visits with a total of 2.5M vehicles tracked.



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