Digital Out of Home - Changing the Game!

Digital Out of Home - Changing the Game

It is one of the oldest forms of advertising in the world, and yet, even today, outdoor advertising or Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising continues to kill it as a marketing channel!

It consistently outperforms television, radio and print when it comes to driving marketing campaigns onto better results.

But have you ever thought - What is it about OOH ads that makes them so special and indispensable, despite other channels like social media?

While people skip and ignore your ads on social media or YouTube videos, they are bound to notice it while waiting for a bus or cab, by the side of the road.

The biggest advantage that OOH has is that it is found in locations where you have no choice but to look around - and in a world of greys, whites and blacks when you suddenly notice a pop of colour or animation, it grabs your attention!

You cannot cross the street or look for cabs without looking at the street or at cabs - it is impossible!

Think of the branded phone-charging station at a bus stop, restaurant, airport, train station or outdoor location - you will notice the ad on it when you are plugging your phone in or pulling it off!

Now, if only there was a way to make sure that the screen showed you exactly what you were interested in instead of just 'some ad'.

When in Doubt, Make a Video!

One of the biggest innovations in outdoor advertising has been the introduction of digital screens because now, you can play videos on the screen!

Not ideal for moving traffic areas where they might be distracting, videos for OOH advertisements are perfect in shopping centres, market places and on smaller screens - and they work better too!

A video ad - with all its colours and nuances - has a 17% better recall rate than a static ad (The Moments of Truth, JCDecaux).

Sure, you need people to wait and watch the entire ad to get the entire message but if your creatives are interesting, you can be damn sure that they will wait and watch!

What's more - where there's video, there's the other attractive element - sound!

For someone not looking directly at a screen, simply hearing a noise might invigorate their curiosity and get you a new viewer.

What's more, if that product is available just 'round the corner, that video might just help you rack up another sale or walk-in customer!

The Perception of Value Drives Buying Behaviour

The biggest mistake a marketer can make is assuming that there is a perfect communication channel between the buyer and the seller - there never is!

There are things that the customer knows (about your product) and there are things they don't.

Then, there are things that you know, the customer knows and/or doesn't know - and then there are things that you don't even know the customer knows and/or doesn't know!

If you're still with me - what I am essentially talking about is perception!

The value that you consider most important to the client may not be the value that they consider more important to themselves.

E.g. "50% Extra" of a product is pretty much the same as a "33% discount"! However, one provides 50% additional value or product while the other reduce spend by 33% - depending on which one the customer values more will determine which offer sells more!

Now, if there's a difference between your perception of 'value' for your customer and the reality of what 'value' means to them, then we have a problem!

Expensive is Better, Mostly.

One of the things that drive perception in consumers is the potential cost of receiving a message.

The manner in which a message is delivered indicates the effort that was put into creating and delivering the message - and that might indicate the value of a customer in your mind.

For example, You might send out a weekend party invitation to your friends, acquaintances or colleagues over WhatsApp, but for your closest friends, you might make a phone call.

The time and effort it takes to send out a 'send to all' message is far lower than making an individual phone call - and that is why it has lesser value!

Humans have evolved to associate bling or flashy things with value - and that is where Digital OOH comes in - with its moving pictures and sounds.

You can make a static ad-creative in a few hours - and customize it to fit 20-different resolutions in another couple of hours.

To make a video ad, you need to create a script, a storyboard, hire actors; find locations; build props; shoot videos; record audio; edit; sanitize, and each of these steps has multiple rounds of checks and actions within them.

Shooting a video is a much harder process and that is why, when video ads are memorable - they hold a greater value in the eye of the consumer than a static ad.

A good video ad is always more likely to stay in your head than a great print ad!

Go Digital. Now!

The average person is exposed to about 4,000 different ads every day - and if you want your ad to sustain its identity in your consumer's mind - you need to stand out!

Video ads, with their better recall and perceived value, have better outcomes and putting in that time and effort into Digital OOH pays off every time!

What's more, combine that creative value with an added level of personalization - made possible by accurate location measurement - and you have an unbeatable formula for success.

Fact is, Out of Home advertising is one of the most consistent and effective forms of advertising available to you - and if you combine that with the advances of the digital OOH screens, then you've got a winning combination.

The only thing left to tackle now is the price - and maybe we could help you do something about that!

VideOOH.Deals is a platform that makes outdoor advertising more accessible to Startups, SMEs, small businesses and retailers. Our digital platform is the first of its kind - enabling outdoor media buyers and sellers to interact online and run campaigns with unparalleled measurement techniques.

Powered by LMX, VideOOH.Deals gives you access to over 60,000 outdoor media assets in 10-countries, across over 200-outdoor media owners.

Using Moving Walls' patented audience measurement technology, VideOOH.Deals provide audience-guaranteed packages backed by the highest level of audience measurement accuracy technology available today!


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