Digital Signage Pitfalls to Avoid in 2020


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As more marketers are starting to embrace digital signage, there are still some who are still not willing to invest as they do not see any improvement in communications while using digital signage. To succeed in any digital signage deployment, there are a lot of efforts to be put in place and through the process, mistakes are inevitable.

Below are some of the most common pitfalls that you should avoid, to ensure a successful digital signage deployment:


Dull content and poor quality

In OOH advertising, the first impression is important to capture and retain audience attention. People are always on the move, thus marketers only have a few seconds to attract the interest of the people to read your ad messages.

Capturing the audience’s attention is one thing but retaining their memories about your ad messages requires a bigger effort. Creating well-designed content will help in leaving a huge impact on the audiences’ memory. Incredible first impressions will definitely boost positive reviews, lead to a more loyal customer base and promote word-of-mouth advertising. Plus, you have to ensure that the visual order of the content is in orderly manners for better message delivery.


Crammed text and images

Putting too much text on your creative will cause the audiences to ignore your ad message. The main message in your campaign will get lost in the sea of words and people will definitely miss out on the important part. People have limited time to digest a lot of content since they are always on-the-go.

There are several elements that you have to consider when creating your campaign’s creative. Type and colour of the font chosen, plus the size and quality of the image also contribute to assisting the understanding of the text.

Colour - The colour schemes of your digital signage layouts can reflect the brand image that you want to communicate to your audiences. The brand-centric colour fits more in the digital signage layout if you want to introduce your brand to the audience. So, make sure the colour of your ad creative is designed properly to enhance the effectiveness of the digital signage.

Fonts - The size and type of font chosen will also affect how your ad message appears to the audience. Reserved fonts like Arial and Sans Serif will give a more formal look while bolder and other impactful fonts will give brighter vibes of the messages. Even though fonts might look like a small deal, it can still affect how the audiences perceive your ad messages.


Unstrategic placement

Marketers need to take into account the location they want to execute their campaign. Marketers have to identify the most strategic location where most people frequently visit and where they spend most of their time. With consumer insights gained, they would be able to identify where most of their target audiences are located.

For an effective message delivery, the time of execution needs to be strategize so that the right target audience will see the campaign at the right time. The potential reach and views will be higher during the time-belted hours when a particular location is packed with people.


Absence of Call-to-Action

The inclusion of CTA in digital signage will recreate tailed-content that can lead the audience to your sites and social media to learn more about your brand. A content hierarchy is needed when planning the digital signage strategy to identify how the content is weighed in terms of their relevance. In this way, marketers can organise their content from the most relevant to the less relevant based on their customer’s interest and needs.

For example, marketers can include a QR code or a link that will guide the audience to further engage with their brand. From here, audience engagement is enhanced in which they can learn more about recent product releases or sales. Plus, the integration of a call-to-action element in the campaign will also optimise the omnichannel experience of your campaign.


Ignoring the measuring abilities

Marketers tend to forget that digital signage possesses the abilities to measure the effectiveness of a campaign. One of the best ways to ensure that you are staying consistent and on-message with your digital signage content is to make sure that you really know your target audiences and your campaign’s goals.

Through digital signage technologies, marketers will be able to gain deeper consumer insights which will help you identify your consumer behaviour and whether your message reach your target audiences or not.

As marketer now are able to measure the effectiveness of their campaign, they can recreate a better experience in more spaces in their physical stores. Another way to see how much of an impact your digital signage has on your target audience is to see how well they seem to act on the message. With this measurement method, you will know what kind of reaction you are hoping to elicit from customers.


Start now or never

Although e-commerce is continuing to grow, customers still appreciate the in-store experience entails. Marketers and retailers can narrow down the gap between e-commerce and physical stores through digital signage.

However, for the digital signage strategy to succeed, it must be executed in the right way to avoid any mistakes that can lead to its failure. As much you can embrace the benefits of digital signage, if it is not being planned carefully, it can still bring your investment in digital signage down the drain.

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