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Social media and Out-of-Home (OOH) are very much the polar opposites of each other on how they reach their audiences. Social media is rooted in the virtual world while OOH is ideal for audience who are always on-the-move in the physical world. However, despite their polarity, social media and OOH are a synergy that works extremely well when merged together.

Social media has become the go-to channel where you keep updates on what is happening in your friends and family life or even the things that are happening on the other side of the world. Social media has grown so popular that it has become a marketing goldmine that will extend your offline audience engagement to online as well. To put it simply, OOH can help increase your social engagement and social media also help people to engage with your product offline; it complements each other.

More specifically, a good OOH campaign can either direct people to your social media page or make people share your unique OOH creatives on their social media accounts.


i. Navigate people to your social media

By simply putting a call-to-action on your OOH screens will encourage people to visit your social networking sites to learn more about your brands and products. People are always on-the-go, so if they are interested in engaging with your brand offline, they might as well look for a way to engage with it online.

People easily forget, thus it is important to deliver a memorable and impactful OOH experience. Creating a sense of immediacy and urgency will also encourage people to follow your brand on social media to keep them updated about your products and services.

ii. Create shareable and attention-grabbing content.

While social media is a great tool to amplify an out-of-home campaign, the opposite is just as important as well. An eye-catching outdoor campaign can quickly become a social media sensation. People are more likely to share a DOOH campaign with unique and interesting creative content on their personal social media accounts.


As more digital out-of-home ads start to emerge, it is easier for your ads to get ignored and overlooked. This is where social media serves as a tool to assist your brand in standing out from another brand's ad.

Integrating social media campaigns with DOOH boosts visibility and reach while allowing the audience to interact with the brand. With DOOH, audiences can become part of it, their message, photos or a video they share on social media can be shown on the billboard, through this innovative technological integration.


Take an example of this use case:

A popular chocolate brand wanted to drive engagement and call-to-action behaviour of the audiences by integrating their DOOH campaign with a social media platform. 

To attract the audience’s interest and drive engagement, FB-filtered photos are inserted in the campaign to encourage participation. Customers can share their FB-filtered photos after making purchases of the chocolate. Their FB-filtered photos will then be displayed on several billboards to encourage other consumers to participate in the campaign as well. 

This effort had definitely created a meaningful engagement with the customers, particularly the younger generations who are more of an active social media user. People will feel more connected with the brand if they try to engage with them with something that they enjoy doing every day- social media.

Key Result:

Potential Views: 2, 718, 425
Unique Reach: 735, 898
Unique Percentage: 27.07%

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Online + Offline World = Deeper Engagement

Social media can keep us on our mobile phone screen for hours - a digital out-of-home campaign that integrates social media will definitely helps to encourage a lot more engagements from your audiences than usual.

OOH works as an effective gateway to reach the connected consumers through a deeper engagement with a call to action (CTA) that will navigate the consumers to the virtual world of social media - and a mobile phone becomes the default tool to answer the CTA.

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