Leading FMCG Brand Leverages Offline Advertising to Extend Video Reach

With the constant growth in the OOH industry, a well-known dairy company was among many other brands that successfully adopt effective data solutions as their effort to maximise the overall campaign's ROI and audience reach.

Ensure Higher Brand Recall by Leveraging Effectively Measurable Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH).

As digital alone cannot have as big of an impact on its own, a measurable DOOH will provide a tactical and agile way to reach a maximum number of the target audiences. The dairy brand developed a stronger brand presence in the offline world by integrating data solutions into several of its digital advertising platforms.

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Having invested in digital OOH, the dairy company was keen to track the effectiveness of their outdoor campaign by comparing the exposed and unexposed audiences through a mobile ad survey. The analysis involved a Forced Exposure test where questionnaires were delivered as a mobile campaign.

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