Elevate Customer Conversion via Unique OOH Campaigns

A prominent chocolate brand wanted to drive promotional awareness and increase customer conversion by delivering unique offline experiences to the audiences.

When targeting the masses, the possibility for your campaign to be unsuccessful will still be there due to the barrage of a  high volume of advertisements. Hence, marketers need to understand how the product appeals to each specific segment of the population. 

"What makes this segment unique from the others?" and "What is their interest?"

From understanding the audiences personally, we will be able to enhance maximum personalisation when engaging with the audiences.

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People today demand high personalisation and relevance in the advertisement. They only want to see an ad that is relevant and interested to them.

"How can a brand stand out and appear unique from the others?"

We aimed to assist our client

  • To hone in on their niche market via an in-depth understanding of their target audiences.

  • To look beyond basic demographic information and get to the core of who their customers are.


  • The popular areas where audiences went to before and after being exposed to the digital billboards were identified to maximise the potential reach.

  • When the audiences were close to the point of sales conversion, ad creatives were then displayed as a reminder to people who had seen the digital billboards.


Education and public transport hub were identified as the areas most visited by the target audiences who passed by the digital billboard.

Block Out Day (1 Day: 30 minutes)

  • Accumulative Potential View:  34, 791
  • Unique reach: 20, 425
  • Unique Percentage: 58.71%

Overall Campaign

  • Accumulative Potential view: 1, 314, 951
  • Unique reach: 282, 532
  • Unique percentage: 23.04%


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