Enhancing Place-Based Ability of DOOH to Drive Active CTA Behaviours

A well-known online food ordering company wanted to drive active audience engagement by targeting locations with the highest density of food lovers.

People are always on the go, and always with their mobile phones. A data-driven OOH + mobile campaign will highly engage people more effectively and drive higher online traffics. With the inclusion of call-to-action options, such as QR codes, links, and etc. people will find it easier to take further action or if they want to engage with the brand after they have left the OOH sites.

Data-driven advertising takes into account all of the data marketers have about their customer behaviours and applies it to create a more meaningful customer journey. By defining how many people are exposed to the DOOH ad impressions and how many of these people further engage with any of the CTAs, the brand ad strategy will flourish when provided with these real-time data. This will keep the audiences engaged and connected to the DOOH.

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Leveraging the search data, browsing and buying behaviour of the audiences is important when planning and executing a campaign.

"How can we fully utilise audiences insight in order to drive active brand engagement?"

We aimed to assist our client:

  • To reach the right target audiences, at the right time and place.

  • To maximise audience reach by targeting locations with the highest density of target audiences.

  • To better understand the audiences by mapping the customer's offline journey and outdoor movement patterns.


  • The campaign was delivered in two approaches- programmatic and non-programmatic.

  • Programmatic ads were executed for 21 days while non-programmatic ads were executed for 28 days in Singapore.

  • We targeted the Hawkers centres where a lot of eateries were located- it will be easier to target the food lovers to encourage them to use the online food ordering app.


  • Potential views of the campaign were reported as 1M with a unique reach number of 148K.

  • The top-performing site was HDB Hub LED, with a campaign contribution of '77.53%'. It performed well due to several factors such as Position of the Board, Direction Facing, Size, Type, Traffic conditions and the Drive path.

  • An average person has had a minimum opportunity of 8 times to see the ad across the locations, during the campaign period.

  • This campaign has reached around 2.54% of the Singapore population.


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