Out-of-Home Measurement: Which Metrics Matter?

When it comes to the metrics of a successful campaign, it’s all about reliable and useful information. Out-of-home (OOH) media has remained an important part of the media mix set apart from the rest based on interactive, physical and personal brand relationships formed.

Be this as it may, how has this been proven in terms of OOH audience measurement? The post-evaluation of an OOH media campaign is definitely much harder to track compared to its digital counterparts. However, it does not mean that the accumulated data has to be unreliable or basic.The driving logic behind measuring advertising effectiveness has evolved. Marketers and brands aren’t interested in merely buying ad spaces –they want to buy audiences.

However, outdoor advertising spends are still largely dependent on static and perception-based metrics such as billboard ratings, size or prominence, and the type of location the asset is located in. 

Here are some of the methods currently being used to measure the impact of billboard campaigns. 

Pre-Campaign: Traveller or Commuter Surveys

To even hope of gaining valuable information into the exposure and effectiveness of a campaign, a marketer has to understand how their audiences move around in the physical world.

Such data can be gained from a travel survey. What this does is calculate customer mobility, tracking the movements of your audiences throughout a certain city, location and landmark to
access the metrics of campaign success.

Modern times have allowed for better ways to do this - with consumers logging in data via smartphone, GPS and WiFi signals. Digital traces from online activity is then sent off to calculate KPIs such as the time spent around your ad, those who have passed it and other forms of measurement.

Pre-Campaign: Grouping Ad Visibility and Mapping

There is so much more to the success of an ad rather than just message, audience and landmark. Ad panel locations are inherently significant to the increased (or decreased) visibility of your ad.

It can actually make or break your campaign!

Not all surface panels are categorised similarly, so choosing this is an extremely weighted decision.

Panels are usually grouped under aspects like size, height, visible eye illumination and space from the ground. Naturally, each panel is then taken into account alongside with traffic data and estimated exposure. If this option is made available to you by your ad space seller – it would be much easier to gauge pedestrian and vehicular traffic for your ad too.

Post-Campaign: Who Did You Reach and What Did They Do?

So your OOH ad campaign has run it’s due. Now what?

In multiple innovative methods, the ability to track and estimate views have become increasingly accurate over the years. There are algorithms and tech in place to even measure data such as eyeballs, dwell times, and general body language towards an OOH campaign.

Every year, billions are spent on out-of-home media. And while the planning stage has largely evolved, post-campaign reporting has remained static. Advertisers do not have access to actionable post-campaign insights to help them optimise their next campaign. 

For example, if a brand had the objective to drive footfall to a particular store or group of stores, they are not able to benchmark billboards in terms of influencing this. 

Unlike crunching digital campaign results on proprietary platforms – OOH audience measurement has yet to find universal acceptability. In fact, most advertisers remain unaware of that such measurement is even possible. 

The usefulness of data can always be gauged by the efficiency it helps bring. So in this sense, the metrics that matter are the ones that help brands make better use of their media budgets - reach more people, or driver more visits, or even reduce wastage that happens when they invest in media sites that don't even reach the right audience. 

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