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Five Steps to Designing More Effective Digital Billboard Content

On Apr 28, 2018

Digital billboards are unique. Sure, they're billboards but they play several ads in the same loop. They reach a moving audience - drivers, pedestrians, and commuters. They also come in all shapes and sizes. To be truly impactful, all these factors have to be considered when designing your creative for this medium. 

You don't have to reuse your website, social, or print advertising content for your next digital out-of-home campaign. Depending on the asset(s) you have picked, small changes can make a big difference to viewability and impact of your message. Here's a few things to keep in mind. 

1. Go Straight-to-the-Point: While you're not surrounded by a clutter of tabs and other ads like in the online world, you are still trying to reach an easily distracted audience. The idea is to get your message across in as little as a single glance. 


2. Use high quality, impactful images: Your pictures tell the story. There are now an increasing number of billboards in population dense and affluent areas. To stand out, your creative has to be anything but boring. 

3. Focus On One Message: Don't leave the audience confused. Do you want them to visit a website? Maybe go to your store? Or even redeem a coupon? Make sure you clearly communicate what you want the audience to do. 


4. Optimise for Billboard Quality: No two digital billboards are the same. Apart from shape and size, the quality of content is affected by the pixel pitch and resolution. Make sure you are well aware of what type of content looks best on the type of billboard you are buying space on.

Boards with lower pitches for example, don't do too well with smaller text sizes and closer viewing distances. 

On the other hand, screens with higher resolution will be able to play higher quality videos and images and offer better view quality from closer distances. 

5. Analyse and Optimise: Put up your ad? Good. Then you're all set right? Wrong. 

Executing your digital signage campaign is just the beginning. Analysing its impact, based on your objectives - website traffic, store traffic, or voucher redemption, is how you'll learn what works and what does not.

For example, if you aren't seeing a significant lift to store traffic, maybe it's because you are not clearly communicating where your establishment is? You could then add clearer directions to your creative. 

At Moving Walls, we want you to make the most of outdoor advertising. You should be able to measure what works and what does not, even with such a traditional medium.

If you're interested in learning more about optimising your creative for digital billboards or even want to measure the impact of your existing campaign, reach out to us for a consultation.

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