Four Reasons Outdoor Advertising Works for SMEs

Outdoor advertising, one of the oldest media channels, is quickly becoming the most dynamic and affordable. Think outdoor advertising is reserved for a few select brands? Here's why it is becoming the medium of choice for growing businesses.

"Optimise" is the key word for growing Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Mass marketing and branding options are scarce when you are looking to grow revenues on a tight budget. Read more about billboard advertising costs here. 

Although the internet has provided a variety of audience-targeted advertising options that work for lower spends, premium traditional media channels have largely remained out of reach and seem exclusive to the prominent brands. 

Outdoor advertising's digital shift is changing this. 

Powered by analytics and flexibility, outdoor advertising provides a lot of value for growing businesses who want to create awareness with the right audience in the right locations.

The advantage here is that SMEs with a physical presence can run targeted hyperlocal campaigns that drive footfall to their stores. Meanwhile, those who depend on online transactions can use promo codes and digital vouchers that direct traffic online.

Here are four more reasons why Out-of-Home is fast becoming the medium of choice for growing businesses: 

It Builds Trust: Nielsen research shows that outdoor advertising has higher levels of trust than online. Over half of people (56%) trust the medium. As a growing business, having your brand on a physical fixture like a billboard builds audience confidence about your brand and makes your existing customers feel a sense of pride.

It Gives You High Frequency of Exposures for less: While other advertising costs increase with the number of impressions served, billboards give your brand repeat visibility with the same viewers at no additional cost.

Measure and Optimise: Outdoor advertising is no longer a "spray and pray" medium. Audience data enables you to measure the audiences you reach and target specific audiences and run your creatives during specified hours or time of day.

It Works Harder: According to a study carried out by Omnicom Media Group, outdoor advertising delivers an average of $5.97 in sales. In fact, the medium delivers higher returns than both TV and Radio. 

We believe outdoor advertising is the most exciting medium to be on right now. It reaches "moving audiences" when they are close to making purchases.

This channel is especially relevant for you to grow your reach and visibility. Our online platform for buying outdoor advertising, Moving Audiences Xchange is launching soon. It is designed to make it even easier for you to buy advertising according to your needs and budgets. 

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