Gain Deeper Insights of Audiences' Shopping Habits

A Chennai-based female lingerie brand wanted to reach a higher number of relevant audiences who show a higher inclination towards purchase intent and decision making.

We are seeing outdoor advertising becomes a favourite strategy for multiple brands to communicate with their audiences. DOOH media is a perfect opportunity to "touch" audiences and build the brand image in the physical world, especially next to the shopping malls when audiences are close to making a purchase decision.

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Irrelevant ad campaigns will never be able to grab the customer's attention.

"How can we relish in the benefits of OOH to integrate digital with outdoor advertising?"

We aimed to assist our client:

  • To connect with consumers today and serve effective and memorable ads, through the utilisation of a combination of tools, technologies and strategies.

  • To create quality brand experiences, rather than on high-volume repetitive ad exposure.


  • The target audiences were identified and profiled as homemakers, working women and shopaholics.

  • The campaign was located within close proximity to these target audiences, especially when they are very close to sales conversion.

  • We targeted premium locations that included screens in the high walk-in Grand Mall, Rohini Mall, VR Mall, Ampa Skywalk Mall, Grand Galada Mall, Heritage mall & Galaxy Mall.


  • The campaign managed to maximise their overall store-footfalls and walk-ins attribute.

  • More audiences were priorly primed and exposed, resulting in a higher number of customer conversions.


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