Build Greater Brand Presence Among Target Audiences

A well-established coffee brand wanted to accelerate its brand awareness by building up a brand perception of premium and superior coffee quality.

The impact of Covid-19 hasn’t just shaken the world for consumers; it’s also having a significant impact on the way that brands operate too. During these difficult times, it can be difficult for organisations to know how to respond.

With customer spend dropping, and uncertainty threatening to tank the economy, advertisers and marketers might find their focus veering towards protecting the profit line. 

All disasters, no matter how significant, eventually will come to an end.

Your brand and how you position yourself when the world is dissolving into chaos is what will stick most in the minds of your consumers for years to come.

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Customer shopping habits and movement patterns are shifting towards the new norms. Hence, determining these shifts are needed in order for brands to optimise and better strategise their campaigns.

"How can we reach the customers during the short time spent outdoor ?"

We aimed to assist our client

  • To maximise the customer offline experience whilst maintaining their brand presence to stay longer in the customer's mind.

  • To reach the audience when they are close to the point of sales.


  • The ad campaign was programmatically pushed to target audiences with relevant brand experiences and higher purchasing power.

  • Amplified with OOH capabilities in priming, the ad message displayed resonated very well with the audiences through its engaging branding tone and style.


  • The campaign makes out 3.4M of total potential views and 346.2K of audience reach with an average of 9.78 frequency.

  • An average person has had a minimum opportunity of 10 times to see the ad across the locations, during the campaign period.

  • This campaign managed to reach around 0.15% of Indonesia population.


Billboard-to-store campaign conversions are tracked via attribution to measure campaign effectiveness, in which higher traffics are also observed to Nespresso boutiques across various malls in Jakarta, peaking in Pacific Place mall.


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