How is Location Intelligence Applied in OOH Campaigns Today?


Location Intelligence, The ‘Cookie’ For The Outdoor World 

Broadly defined, it’s a combination of business intelligence with location data to derive valuable consumer insights. It’s a geographical journey of your customer that can be translated into behavioral insights for better business decisions.

In a post-cookie less world, location Intelligence has become a kind of ‘cookie’ substitute in the real world, giving marketers a way to identify audiences and their likeness. It also provides an accurate and scalable offline attribution mechanism for digital campaigns and outdoor media.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that today if you are not using location intelligence you are missing out on the critical customer and competitive information. In recent years, the digital advertising space has been solely dominated by two media giants - Facebook & Google. There are growing concerns over their duopoly in the digital ad space, and the majority of marketers are actively seeking alternatives¹.

Among brands and agencies surveyed², the topmost concerns when advertising with Facebook and Google are: False Impression, Transparency, Pricing, and Inaccuracies in metrics and reporting. This is where location intelligence comes into the picture. Marketers who are using location-based data are seeing a boost in their campaigns across multiple metrics.

As consumers demand more personalization, delivering the right content, at the right time, and place, has been the holy grail for marketers looking to satisfy today’s busy, demanding customers.

Choosing The Right Sites

For a marketing plan, the site selection process can be a challenging one. There are several questions to consider. What traffic does the site have? How many of my target audiences can be reached? Can the location affect incremental reach? Is the site suitable for my campaign objective? How can a marketer know these unless they base it on factual data? 

By using location intelligence, businesses can accurately identify the location of ideal target customers, instead of having a scattergun approach. This not only reduces campaign costs but more importantly builds highly relevant and effective marketing activities.

Location intelligence can also be used to improve the efficiency of outdoor advertising spends by selecting local areas where target audiences are based. Take the case of a placed-based gym asset; Kantar suggests that, the most common use of a private gym or health club in the UK is aged between 25-34 and is 24% more likely than the average person to work full-time and most likely to work in Finance. The same analogy can be used to identify locations for different audience segments like families, students, food enthusiasts, tech enthusiasts, young working adults and more!

Ad Campaign Management and Optimization

Now we have the location sorted, it is required to effectively manage your campaign during the tracking period. Next comes optimizing campaigns for maximum effectiveness. By identifying OOH impact zones and applying customized, advanced analytics, marketers are able to isolate the impact of OOH campaigns. 

Nielsen has found that on average 81% of people who noticed a specific type of OOH ad in the past month engaged with the messaging. That includes searching for the brand, making a purchase, sharing an image of it on social media, etc. In other words, optimizing creatives helps a marketer cut through the clutter and get your audiences to pay attention. 

Measuring The Impact Of Location

Location intelligence is a step-by-step process to manage your goals. With location intelligence, marketers can:

  1. Observe audience movement to answer the where, when and what about their consumer journey.

  2. Analyze consumers' behaviors based on store and location visits.

  3. Provide demographic details so that they can reach the right people at the right places, during the right time

On another note, OOH advertising works fabulously in partnership with mobile advertising -- both channels reach individuals while they are mostly on the go. Many OOH media companies are offering mobile extension programs whereby advertisers can identify individuals who are exposed to their OOH ads and then retarget them with an advertisement delivered directly to their mobile device.

Brands are able to use location intelligence to gauge the ROI from their marketing campaigns. The information serves as key inputs at the planning stage to improve the marketing efforts. With access to the right data products, marketers are able to track all of this and compare the impact of the campaign across mediums such as TV, digital, social media, and more.

In summary, location intelligence makes data far richer and gives the marketer a much more accurate view of their target audience. It enables businesses to understand where their customers are and where they will be, and consequently to have better-focused communications and targeting campaigns thus delivering more pleasing results.

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²Lawless Research’s surveyed results - 534 from consumer brands companies & 166 from advertising and marketing agencies.

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