How Media Owners Are Digitally Transforming Their Businesses Today While Driving Increased Demand For Their Sites?

According to WARC’s annual review of its Global Marketing Index (GMI), 2021 was a strong year of recovery for global marketing budgets led by Digital, Mobile, TV, and OOH. The latter came back into growth following the general lifting of movement restrictions across countries. While OOH media’s bounceback was a matter of when rather than if, it is being accelerated by the fact that the medium is so widespread with physical advertising panels now part of just about every venue type.

Media Owners know that OOH is still an advertiser’s dream when it comes to priming audiences or brand-building and the medium isn’t disappearing anytime soon. Aside from the digitalisation of screens with the advancements in data and tech, one of the key growth levers that continues to expand OOH is the retail adoption of place-based screens. With outdoor ads being able to leave an impression on customers across multiple venues, digital screens are increasingly being used as a channel to extend digital video campaigns.

Find out more on:

1) The two waves of OOH’s digital transformation

2) New ‘Outernet’ Media formats

3) HTML5, Dynamic Content Optimisation (DCO) capabilities and types of digital tools used by OOH media owners.


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