How OOH Can Help Flatten the Covid-19 Curve?

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In the current outbreak of coronavirus (Covid-19), most industries are shaken by the true impact and danger, that the virus can bring to the whole world.

While we are settling in by working remotely, health experts have been constantly reminding us what we must do to help flatten the pandemic’s curve - social distancing and practicing good personal hygiene.

However, how do we reiterate the importance of these steps, when the average person touches so many possible contaminated surfaces on a daily basis? - e.g. essential services are still operational during the restriction period, and people are still travelling to get their daily food supplies, groceries, etc.


Awareness and Education - Repetition is the key

Constant reminders will help to further drive the point. But, because situation changes so frequently, a well connected networks of communication outlets will make it easier to keep these communication up-to-date. Also, the immediate delivery of updated public health information is crucial, considering the current situation.

This is where out-of-home (OOH) comes into action.

Today, thousands of billboards and digital signages flooded almost every possible public spaces all over the nation. Connecting them with a dynamic cloud-based content management software (CMS), will allow updated contents to be push from anywhere in real time.

In time of crisis, these connected networks has allowed OOH to become an effective communication channel,  similar to television, radio, and the web. This capability allows publishers the flexibility to target messaging to any location -
Constantly reminding people about social distancing and personal hygiene.

Media owners have a unique opportunity to help make a difference. You now have the power to push relevant, accurate, and updated messaging in real time. This information can help educate the general public on what they need to do to protect themselves today.


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