How to Measure, Target, and Extend Audiences in DOOH?

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In 2020, Out-of-Home (OOH) took a dip by more than 27%, reported by WARC Global Advertising trends, state of the industry 20/21 report. This is mainly a result of the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak. Despite that, it is also set to be the seconds fastest growing medium in 2021, rising more than 20%. 

Digital OOH (DOOH) is offering a solution to a pain point: capturing the attention of consumers through their busy media-clustered days. Through the use of advanced technologies and curated messaging, advertisers can resonate with their audiences visually and emotionally, creating a good experience for mass audiences.

With the increasing use of programmatically executed campaigns, Measuring existing audiences, targeting them down to a pinpoint, and re-targeting audiences on mobile. As programmatic is more eminently used, this will become the new standard for OOH as an industry. Marketing innovators will first need to make significant changes.

We’ll take you through how to use location data to reach your audiences effectively:

Measure Your Campaign

OOH is a one-to-many medium. Measuring OOH has evolved from old-age billboard ratings,  traffic counts and promo codes to new methods of measuring moving audiences. Previously these methods of measurement were siloed and there is no common thread to understand the relationship between each of them. As we move into an age of technology and data, OOH advertisers are moving into mobile movement-based measurement, which provides an individual-level understanding of audiences passing by the billboards. 

It is believed that multiple sources of location data provide the most extensive mechanism for counting audiences who are exposed to OOH campaigns. This also helps us understand not just the demographic attributes of the billboard viewers but also their purchase intent, product usage, and movement patterns.

Target The Right Audiences

The keyword here is data. The surge of data-rich solutions to increase customer engagement and drive personalisation has enabled marketers to effectively plan out their campaigns and reach their target audiences where it counts the most. 

Target simply means that you can reach the right audience, at the right time and place, with the right creatives - creating a long-lasting impact on the audience and making an impression on your brand. Oftentimes, a common mistake made by marketers is placing their ads on several billboards without targeting the right audience at the correct time with the highest density of audiences. 

Instead, when location intelligence is combined with time-belted analysis, marketers now can analyse multiple media site locations and through time-belted data analysis, optimising their media spends at the correct locations with the highest numbers of the intended audiences.

Extend Audience Reach

Previously we mentioned that OOH can be measured effectively and possess data-enabled planning capabilities. Nowadays, brands also face the challenge of constantly being present on various marketing channels. As mobile devices become highly penetrable worldwide, maintaining an omnichannel presence has gained importance in campaign planning. 

Combining OOH media with mobile advertising has been proven effective as the study by USA TouchPoints highlights that the application rate increases by 316% when smartphones and OOH campaigns are integrated. Consumers are spending more time on their mobile devices. Furthermore, this is true especially after the hit of the Covid-19 pandemic, where digital consumption significantly shot up.

As reaching the right audiences at the right time has become the priority for most marketers today, using location intelligence is the best way to plan out your campaign. In the long term, marketers will be able to develop location-based engagement applications that customers trust and use.

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