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Here's how you can attract more visitors to your event

On Oct 4, 2017

Grabbing attention and getting your message across to relevant audiences has become difficult and expensive. Is there a solution?

Event planners never have it easy. Signing-up exhibitors to showcase their wares  is just half the challenge. 

What makes or breaks the event is the eventual turnout. High footfall keeps the exhibitors happy and ensures they return to participate at the next event. 

Regardless of the exhibitors' specific objectives, they all expect the event to attract a specific type of visitor. It is up to the organiser to focus their efforts towards driving the right people to the event. 

Here's how event organisers can leverage affordable hyperlocal advertising tactics to ensure they meet and exceed promised audience numbers. 

Target audiences by dominating locations

Digital billboards are present in strategic locations that attract high-traffic numbers. According to a Nielsen study, 82% of those who noticed digital billboards recalled the advertisement. 

You can drive event awareness by spreading your marketing spend across several billboards around a chosen location. 

For example, if your event is relevant to shoppers and mall-goers, you should display your message on digital screens positioned near or on the way to popular shopping malls.

Reach out to those near your venue

You can also use the last window of influence to activate people who are near the event venue. As you get closer to the big day, it is important that those who have easier access to the event (nearby) are aware of it. 

You can ensure this by identifying the major routes people take to arrive at or near the event location and displaying your messages on digital screens at these areas. 

Create value for exhibitors

During the event itself, exhibitors grapple for attention by employing several tactics - prime booth location (near entrance), attractive booth designs, and giveaways. 

However, the organisers can provide exhibitors with an opportunity to engage potential visitors even before the event. Apart from creating awareness about the event itself, organisers can advertise the participating brands and their offerings. 

This has mutual benefits. The exhibitors get to create an impression on relevant audiences and attract footfall to their booth. The event planner, in turn, gets to upsell their packages and drive value for their clients.

Measure, attribute, and re-engage

Ultimately, to improve the event's performance it must be measured first. Advances in technology enable event organisers to track their venue's performance in real time.

You can also get an overview of who your visitors are and how your marketing activities contributed towards attracting them. This allows you to channel more of your budget into what is working. 

Event planners who accumulate audiences data will be able to re-engage them post-event and attract audiences with similar profiles to future events. 

Are you an event planner looking to digitally transform your business?  Get in touch to learn how you can start implementing hyperlocal advertising to drive more visitors to your event venue and create value for your exhibiting clients. 


By Mehul

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