Identifying The Most Ideal OOH Sites To Enhance A Minimum Media Wastage

A famous car brand wanted to target car enthusiasts by identifying the usual route taken by these target audiences.

Marketers need to carefully curate their brand to speak to the needs of their core audience as good branding strategy will help them avoid media waste. As such, aligning brand values with those of your consumers is vital in establishing loyalty between consumers and your organisation.

 Aligning brand values with those of your consumers is essential for brand recall and creating brand loyalty.

60% of consumers are more loyal to brands they trust. Hence, creating a memorable brand will help enhance higher brand recall and brand loyalty.

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Living in the digital-saturated world, people are more fragmented. Different people consume information in different ways.

Nevertheless, OOH remains a relevant medium to reach these fragmented audiences.

"How can we identify the prime OOH locations that are able to reach unique target audiences?"

We aimed to assist our client

  • To identify prime locations that have higher number of the target audiences.

  • To establish brand trust among potential customers and maintain brand loyalty among the existing customers.


  • The daily route taken by the target audiences is identified to maximise the overall audience reach and increase store footfalls.

  • The prime time when these target audiences are present were determined to ensure the minimisation of media wastage, in which the campaign was optimised to be displayed only at time-belt hours. 


The campaign managed to acquire a total of 1, 923, 148 of potential views and 452K of unique reach after it was executed across several digital screens in Malaysia.  The campaign managed to reach a lot number of people, in which audience frequency is recorded as 23.52%.



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