OOH Innovation Drives Asian Domination in Global Ad Spends 2019 H2

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As we move into the second half of the year, Global Ad Spends¹ is set to grow by 3.6% to US$609.9 billion.

APAC is leading the race, contributing 39% (US$8.1 billion) of the global ad spend increase of US$20.9 billion in 2019, followed by North America at 34% and Western Europe at 14%.

Digital continues to dominate the ad spend globally, and is forecasted to grow 11.5% in 2019 to reach US$249.7 billion. Mobile is the fastest-growing platform within digital, reaching 21.4% in 2019, mainly due to the increasing demand for video contents via mobile services like Instagram stories, TikTok, SnapChat, YouTube and VOD.

With digital dominance, traditional print is on a rapid downward trend - Newspaper falls to -7.7% and Magazine to -7.4%. The top 5 APAC markets in terms if digital share are: China, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

With digital disruption happening globally, OOH remains the only traditional media to continue to sees consistent grow in the region. As reported, OOH continued to grow at 6.3%.

APAC is now the largest OOH region with almost US$13 billion in sales in 2018², ahead of EMEA, closing in on US$9 billion, and North America, falling slightly behind, at US$8 billion.

Global OOH ad sales are forecast to grow by +2.8% in the next 5 years to reach US$38 billion by 2023.

  • India +12% - Driven by strong economy, general elections & cricket world cup.
  • Philippines +12% - Place-based is number one segment
  • Australia +10% - Most developed market, with top 3 media owners control 80%
  • China +9% - 3rd largest market globally - US$4 bn, Driven by high urbanization.
  • Malaysia +7% - Worth US$130 million - Heavy road traffic & new sites expansion.
  • Thailand +7% - High urbanization and traffic in Bangkok.
  • Singapore +4% - City state with high GDP per capita, OOH is competitive.
  • Japan +0% - Will grow by 3% in 2020, thanks to Tokyo Olympics.

While other traditional media are struggling to stay relevant in this digital age, OOH advertising is leveraging on technological innovation to stay ahead of the game.

With the digitization of OOH media and the introduction of programmatic in OOH, the decade-old media is gaining new ground and are delivering new levels of effectiveness and efficiency. By adding location intelligence to the equation, programmatic OOH had become measurable and highly targeted.


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Data Sources

¹ As reported by Dentsu Aegis Network,
² As reported by Magna and Rapport, IPG Mediabrands



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