Is OOH The Most Effective Primer For Online?

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Out-of-Home (OOH) is used by many businesses to connect with consumers. As consumers spend 70% of their time outdoors, many advertisers opt for combining these two mediums to first prime audiences with OOH and then retarget them online.

According to a study by Nielson, OOH only accounts for only 7% of the total advertising spend in the US. Despite that, it generates 26% of online search activations, indexing four times the expected levels compared to other offline media like TV, print and radio. 

With the increase in the adoption of digital in just about every type of venue, the arrival of 5G and the use of location data to measure traditional outdoor advertising. OOH is keeping up by innovating all parts of its business to enhance its customer experience. Due to this, OOH can quickly adapt itself and head to where advertising and its consumers are going.

The Magic of Priming 

Priming is the magic ability that can make you feel a certain way about a product or brand when you click on an ad while scrolling through your social media feed. While priming itself isn't an exact science that one can break down and link the behaviour to the last click or download, but there is no denying its strong influence. 

Will Smith's ‘Focus’ movie is one that Moving Walls always references, which talks about priming and its subliminal effects on a person. Smith has made a high-stake bet to his opponent, asking him to randomly choose a number ‘55’ on a football player. 

Smith would win the bet if his co-actress Margot Robbie also picks the same number. When Smith wins the bet, he later explains that the opponent chose the very same number ‘55’ because prior to this, the opponent was primed multiple times. This influenced both the opponent and Robbie to pick the number ‘55’.

In addition to that, OOH’s largest investors today are digital-born brands from Over-the-Top (OTT) to food delivery, to rideshare and hotel booking portals who invest in place-based media to prime their audiences and digital activates.

Putting The Focus Back On Priming

This means we are going back to a base question. How can advertisers prime well and effectively? Data and automation would be the key to drive a shift to internet advertising. Outsmart states that an average consumer spends 3.1 hours outside daily and interacts with non-traditional placed-based media assets in the physical world. These assets include elevators, rideshare vehicles, transit hubs, shopping malls and other venues.  

While the Outernet (referring to offline media) digital screens has given OOH new capabilities for integrated campaigns, advertisers can easily benefit from:

  • Continuity In Engagement

Integrated campaigns allow a continued engagement on different stages of the consumer journey without losing previous marketing efforts. Advertisers can easily continue where he left off in ushering the audiences down the sales funnel, nurturing audiences with personalised ads. 

  • Impact On Different Touchpoints

Now a personalised reach is available both online and offline, giving the audiences the omnichannel impact otherwise it would not have been achieved on a single channel campaign.

  • Ad-serving Based On Data Triggers

Advertisers can serve relevant ads according to the customer profile, and timing through day-parting. This programmatic feature reduces the limitation of advertisers in their creatives or type of buy, increasing the flexibility of setting up campaigns.

Having in mind that prime audiences are already thinking about a certain brand and are likely to take some kind of online action, reaching them on digital will improve the effectiveness of the campaign. Priming consumers and having a physical presence around them will always remain important. 

The Nielson study has shown that when online activations are indexed against media spends, it is clear that OOH delivers more online activity per dollar spent as compared to other offline mediums. This makes OOH the key offline driver of online engagement. Advertisers who include OOH into their campaign mix can greatly benefit from effectively building a connected relationship with their consumers.

What impact does advertising have? We may never know. But what’s for certain is that no channel can have the greatest impact on its own. There are plenty of facts that showcase how OOH is highly effective with online and social, though there are still many ways to improve this. 

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