Kotra Pharma Optimises Location Data to Deliver Audience-Centred Campaigns

With its goal to bring innovation to the OOH industry, Kotra Pharma strongly believes in the power of offline media in reaching more target audiences in the most effective and cost-efficient ways. Echoing this sentiment, Kotra Pharma calls for an embrace of the shift to digital and data. Kotra Pharma had executed data-driven OOH campaigns in multiple regions across SEA- Myanmar, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Minimising Media Wastage by Leveraging OOH Measurement Across Markets

Understanding target audiences beyond demographics is fundamental to make an effective and strategic OOH site selection, especially during the post-Covid era where marketers cannot solely rely on the historical traffic trends. Kotra Pharma utilised location data to learn better about their target audience movement patterns and what had changed after the pandemic hits. This had made it easier for them to identify which locations will generate higher audience reach.

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