Location Data in Empowering an Audience-Intelligence Ad Campaign

A promising printer company strived for a very specific target group of business decision-makers in their effort to build a stronger brand image among this predetermined target audience.

Marketers today want to buy audiences - a micro view of their audiences behaviour and movement patterns to better optimise their campaign.

It is now possible to match anonymous location data with other data sources through powerful GIS-driven analytics to gain deeper audience insight into who is exactly seeing their campaigns.

Marketers can now learn more about their target audiences beyond demographic profiles with a complete understanding of their movement behaviours and patterns.

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Marketers should deliver effective brand messaging to the customers and not the other way round. However, a lot of marketers are still not putting the audiences as their priority, which make it difficult for them to identify the most relevant and effective way to engage with their target audiences.

"When there is an overflowing amount of data, which data sets matched the needs of the campaign?"

We aimed to assist our client

  • To motivate the consumers to take the next step and actually start interacting with the OOH ad.

  • To integrate interactivity in order to positively affect brand awareness in outdoor advertising.


  • To derive the specific target group, locations of the target audiences were identified to shortlist only the hotspot locations.

  • The target group segment was derived from the place movement of the devices tracked over the last 3 months period.

  • The audiences’ outdoor journey was mapped to the OOH location and filtered by size, type and POI. (The shortlist sites were in Key Arterial Highways and CBD Locations- Next to and Inside Office Buildings, Government Offices)


By targeting the right target audience at the right time and location, the campaign reached 1.3M audiences with a total of 5.8M (22.29%) potential views. The campaign was optimised based on the total budgets and time-targeting (highest target audience density hours).


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