More than Triggers: Accuracy, Verifiability and Agility are Fully Amplified

An established online food ordering company, foodpanda aimed to embrace the capability of OOH to automate the dynamic ad delivery process by utilising weather-trigger signals.

Out of Home (OOH) has been maintaining their position as the only non-digital media that is capable in driving extended customer engagement.

However, problems might arise when marketers are missing out on the capability of OOH in priming and driving active call-to-action behaviours among the target customers.

Today’s digital advancement allows OOH players to optimise Digital Out of Home (DOOH)’s ability in ensuring contextually relevant brand presence among the target audiences.

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The foodpanda basket has countless number of food items. 

"How do you feature each of them in a relevant way and to contextually air them accordingly in multiple panels?"

We aimed to assist our client:

  • To maximise transparency, verifiability and dynamic in the ad delivery processes

  • To leverage audience reach by targeting the right location and at the most applicable and relevant  time-belts.

  • To ensure DOOH ads will help solidify the client's brand presence in the minds of their target audiences.

  • To capture digital OOH intelligence in integrating the offline and online world.


foodpanda’s campaign ran across 7 Philippines digital billboards for 77 days; from 16 July to 30 September 2020. 

They utilised Moving Walls’s HTML airing tools to track material performance, airing schedule, and verify the accuracy of triggers via online dashboard. 


Real-time spot reporting and audience metrics were enhanced to increase the agility of the campaign and enable automated pivot of the campaign when necessary.

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A list of personalised creatives were pre-designed to be played to suit-the-mood of the day, following weather triggers set up at the physical billboards.

We configured the digital portfolio and integrated it to our content management system (CMS) system where the entire dynamic creative process was automated.

The system picked up the thematic reading and prompted the OOH sites to display multiple menu items following the respective weather and time of the day.    



  • The campaign which ran for 77 days on several DOOH screens across the Philippines’ national Capital Region, successfully reached more than 3.3M people(around 3.23% of Philippines population) and recorded 14.3M of total potential views.


  • An average person has had a minimum opportunity of 4 times to see the add across the locations, during the campaign Period.
  • Foodpanda managed to instigate a contextual-based programmatic digital OOH campaign which showcases its capability in maximising automation, personalisation, and relevancy in the dynamic ad delivery.


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