Outdoor Advertising Professionals (OAP) Adopt Moving Walls’ Platform




Mumbai, 25th July - Outdoor Advertising Professionals (OAP), India’s leading independent outdoor advertising specialist has selected Moving Walls’ cloud-based technology to provide its clients with audience-data powered campaign planning and buying solutions.

The move aligns with OAP’s core mission of providing accurate and cost-effective outdoor campaigns, using the best tools and systems. The out-of-home (OOH) specialist will use the platform to plan and deliver campaigns based on target audience density, reach, and frequency metrics ultimately optimising media spends in an automated manner.

OAP is an early adopter of Moving Walls’ technology in India. The company operates Moving Audiences, an artificial intelligence-powered platform that brings transparency and automation to offline media via Planning, Buying, and Measurement tools.

The platform ingests location data from several sources - social, traffic, smartphone movement, and proprietary IoT sensors. It has already connected more than 20,000 physical media assets across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, India and Nigeria.

Improving OOH Spends through Transparency and Automation

Although OOH remains the fastest growing traditional media channel, it commands just a fraction of the overall media spend. Meanwhile, according to Magna digital ad spend will make up 50 per cent of all ad spend globally. 

Much of this growth can be attributed to the establishment of common measurement metrics and availability of automated tools to optimise campaigns. With the growth of location-based data and online planning platforms, OOH media can now offer similar capabilities. 

Moving Walls’ planning tool automates the site selection and optimisation of campaigns based on budgets and desired campaign outcomes. The planners are now able to showcase, based on audience data, how a particular media site fits into the overall strategy. Now physical branding activities can be planned and measured based on in-store audience movement, competitor store footfalls, and more. 

The planning tool also provides a multi-layered heat-map, allowing users to visualise specific zones of audiences thereby facilitating the shift from static media-based planning to audience movement-based planning. 

Abhijit Sengupta, Chief Executive Officer of OAP, has more than spent more than two decades in this industry. He has been a strong proponent bringing “science, transparency and process” to the mad world of outdoor advertising. 

According to him, “For far too long, OOH has been like a dark tunnel not knowing where it is heading. This is like a small light of hope at the end. It can grow bigger and better over a period of time. The heuristic process of planning that we are so used to may not go away soon but it can be improved upon using location data and artificial intelligence-powered tools. It's just the start but that is usually the most difficult part.” 

Srikanth Ramachandran, the founder and CEO of Moving Walls, points out that any innovation requires early adopters. 

“Abhijit and the OAP team have embraced data and automation to improve Return On Investment for their clients. They have also helped us localise a successful Pan-Asian solution for the Indian market,” he said. 

As featured on Business Today, New Delhi Times, PR Newswire, and others

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