Omnichannel Campaigns – Maximize ROI with Digital Outdoor Ads

Using multiple channels for campaigns is fantastic but simply using them isn’t enough – it’s about using them efficiently to drive greater ROI through measurable results!

19199221Human eyesight has evolved to identify slight variations in patterns in order to distinguish between foliage and predators.

While we may not live in caves anymore, our ability to notice changes in monotonous patterns is a survival instinct, and one that the best marketers know how to use.

That is exactly why when we drive through a city full of bleak buildings or green areas, our eye catches the colourful variations that come through outdoor ads.

The bigger, brighter and more beautiful the ad, the more memorable it is!

As the lines between the digital and real world begin to overlap, we are noticing more and more campaigns that connect non-digital channels to social media pages, search traffic, post engagements and more.

So digital marketing has to be a part of your marketing strategy but what else?

What’s that other channel (or two) that you could use to push your marketing campaigns to new ROI limits?

Technology is Making the Decision for You

Digital marketing has undergone massive advancements and given our marketers some bad habits.

For example: when creating a social media post, the choice of hashtags can be used to determine who will see your post, and post-metrics will show you exactly how your post is performing in real-time.

Then there’s the digital or social media ad – you can not only choose whom to show the ad to, in great detail, you can also see who saw it, how they interacted with it and whether their behaviour was 'as anticipated' or an anomaly!

Because of the devices, apps and browsers we use, digital has made this level of transparency and measurement possible – and that has spoilt us!

Now, when we approach a television ad-spot buying opportunity, we don’t have these details!

Publishing an ad in print media does not guarantee that your specific TA will see it.

A radio ad-spot playing at a specific time won’t guarantee that your user will be listening in when the ad plays, or that they won’t change the station!

Outdoor… well... outdoor was a bit like that too, until it wasn’t anymore!

Measurement and Tracking Changed the Channel

Outdoor advertising is no longer the hit-and-hope, spray-and-pray kind of channel that it used to be.

Using multiple data sources like Google Maps and GPS data, app-usage and browser data, cell-tower triangulation data as well as Wi-Fi and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, it has become easier than ever before to identify how many people possibly viewed an outdoor screen or billboard.

Combine that with programmatic ad-delivery capability and you can choose exactly when your ad should be displayed and see who potentially viewed it.

What’s more, with the right outdoor media plan, you can even guarantee impressions from your target audience by picking the best screens!

Then, you’ve got that unbeatable combination of the right time and place – all you’ve got to do is build an interesting ad that caters to our base-instincts.

digital-signage-2398510_1280Image Credits:

Omnichannel through Social and DOOH

Digital Out-of-Home has been seen as the perfect partner to social campaigns primarily due to its accuracy of targeting and measurement.

A study by Nielsen showed that digital outdoor ads could bump out social media campaign reach by as much as 303%.

That’s not all, online activations were bumped up 4x while physical foot traffic in stores also went up 68%!

And all that relies on some simple concepts that any startup or marketer can adopt to be seen:

  1. A Seamless Omnichannel journey: From the point of view of the customer, the messaging and experience on outdoor, social, mobile or website should be consistent – connection is important, but consistency is vital!
  2. Omnichannel Activation: A social media ad, in itself, may not be enough of an activator – it needs a real-activator like outdoor ads to take over the mantle. Outdoor ads are exceptional at driving traffic to webpages or social media pages, and you can also pair them up with a mobile-ad delivery that simply transforms the influence of ‘Geopaths’ on ad-campaigns

In the end, the power of digital outdoor ads goes back to human evolution and the way our eyes are designed to pick out patterns and, more importantly, pick out variations or anomalies in those patterns with greater depth and intent.

A great outdoor ad sticks out amongst buildings, parks, street-corners, highways, airports, malls and other spaces where the environment has a specific “flavour” to it.

That’s the reason why DOOH is the world’s second most effective marketing channel, after digital marketing – and with matching capabilities in targeting, programmatic delivery and impression measurement, DOOH and Digital form a partnership that no other channel-combo can match!


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