OOH 101: Target Moving Audiences with Undivided Impression

Singapore 21 November 2019 -  The 4th Economic Times Asian Business Leaders Conclave 2019 ended in Singapore earlier this month. Regional Asian business leaders concluded the event with in-depth discussion focusing at setting actions in motion for Asia 2030, and uncovers an era of rapid and inclusive growth in the region, based on three important pillars of Industry, Interaction and Innovation.


Asian Business Leaders Conclave 2019Srikanth Ramachandran, Group CEO at Moving Walls, is honoured to be invited to speak at this prestigious event and shared how technological innovation in movies had inspired us to dream big through his presentation titled “What Hollywood Got Right About Today’s Tech” - centering around technology predictions in movies before which came true in the present moment. Some predictions presented were in areas surrounding Artificial Intelligence, 5G, Location Intelligence and Digital Out-Of-Home.


Singapore’s OOH ads have the highest reach range of any other APAC market, with a penetration of 70 to 80 percent of the relevant population, due to its concentrated levels of urbanisation.


Economic Times, together with Moving Walls, their location media partner, and media provider - IDOOH-Moove Media, worked on a outdoor campaign to engage moving audiences in their  promotional messages prior to the event.

IDOOH in-vehicle screen

IDOOH in-vehicle screen


IDOOH screens uses proprietary in-vehicle screen technology to bring relevant content to passengers and big data analytics to gain campaign, fleet and consumer insights. Creatives for the conclave were put up in their screens a week before the event, exposing passengers that departed or arrived at the Singapore Airports to the creatives - which is the ideal targeted audience for the event.


Advertising on Premium Screens, e.g. in airports, are usually the go-to choices to reach this group of moving audience - travellers in and out of the country. These premium locations requires a much higher marketing budget, however in contrast, the potential views of these sites are divided, due to the fact that it is more crowded with advertisers pouring in creatives to get a share of attentions on these premium locations.


As an alternative, IDOOH offers something more data-triggered and targeted - advertisers could opt for screens that capture moving travellers, the same targeted audiences, departing or arriving at the airports on in-vehicle screens. This enables marketers to reach the same targeted audience, at a much affordable budget, but with a much higher undivided views, one-to-one engagement and higher impression.


As Asia Pacific’s largest in-vehicle screen network, IDOOH has an inventory of 14,000 screens across diverse platforms including ride-sharing cars and taxis. In November 2018, IDOOH screens clocked 95 million kilometres of drive time and 3.6 million hours of video content, presenting an immense opportunity for one-on-one engagement. IDOOH is also testing technologies like presence and facial recognition and augmented reality to provide an even more personalised experience in future. 

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We operate Moving Audiences, the region’s largest location intelligence platform that brings transparency and automation to out-of-home media via Planning, Buying, and Measurement tools.

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