Out of Home - the Marketing Godfather!

Out of Home (OOH) Advertising - the Marketing Godfather for Brands!

Nothing compares to the feeling of helplessness that comes with spending thousands of dollars on creative digital or TV ads, only to have users skip them or switch channels!

All that time, money and effort is spent in vain, not bringing in the ROI you would expect.

Sure, some digital ads might only cost you money if they're clicked – but that's the whole point of it, isn't it?

There's one medium though that doesn't suffer the same problem – and the statistics back up that claim – and it's Outdoor Advertising!

Although, to say that outdoor advertising is only good because it can't be 'skipped' would be doing it a grave disservice.

Out-of-Home (OOH) Ads are definitely a step above some of the more popular forms of media that might be favoured more by marketers.

There may have been reasons in the past as to why these other media ad-formats were preferred, but with OOH targeting and measurement capabilities almost reaching digital marketing standards, things are different now!

OOH Advertising Reigns Supreme over Television Advertising

OTT platforms like Netflix, Prime Video and Hulu are crushing cable TV in many parts of the world – even YouTube is now the world's second largest search engine.

In fact, Tubi TV (owned by the FOX corporation) reaches 80-times the users as regular television.

What's more, it's 2021 – we live in an era where paying for a platform equals an ad-free experience!

Would you be willing to watch ads in the middle of an interesting movie or TV show, even after paying the platform subscription fee?

As per The Media Impact Study (PML Group and Ipsos MRBI, 2021), television media effectiveness fell by 0.19 pts as countries emerged from lockdown (compared to lockdown scores) while OOH not only remained steady but grew by 0.01 pt in effectiveness.

While television reach was higher in the older age groups (especially 45-54), OOH remained consistent across all age groups.

It is quite evident then that OOH is not a channel that gets perturbed by the odd pandemic or age-group swing – much more reliable than television at any rate.

Digital Advertising is not the only Hot-Pick

Okay – let's all agree on one thing – Digital ads are definitely the future, what with all their targeting, flexible management and reporting capabilities.

However, on its own, digital marketing can only do so much.

See, we live in an age of ad-blockers and 'skip' buttons – which pretty much means that all that time you spent creating customer personas and eye-catching ads could be a complete waste of time because 'Spendthrift Suzy' or 'Bargain-hunting Barry' have installed an ad-blocker or know how to skip an ad.

There is, however, a way out!

Facebook conducted a study of ad campaigns on their platform – with and without Out-of-Home ads.

What they found was that on their own, Facebook ads and OOH ads had a certain level of success, when it came to generating leads or converting them – so naturally, their combination would improve upon their individual performances by a certain degree, right?

Well, yes and no – combining Facebook ads with OOH did lead to a rise in conversions, but it wasn't what they expected that conversion rate to be – it was more!

13-times more to be precise!

That little over-performance meant that Facebook started telling its own advertisers to invest in OOH ads, if they wanted campaigns to perform better.


So many brands and organizations across the world, both in developed and underdeveloped countries, like China, Singapore, the Philippines and India, are investing in OOH advertising more than ever for its benefits. 

The OOH market in the Philippines and India for example has risen by an incredible 12% - clearly some food for thought.

Newspapers Are Fading Away in the 2020s

There was something special about bringing in the newspaper each morning, reaching for a cup of coffee and spreading it out on the table as you began your day.

Newspapers were more than just a means of updating your knowledge of current affairs – it was a ritual!

And that meant, advertising in them was a fantastic way to be the first thing that your target audience would see.

Not anymore though – you see, with the pandemic, the general prevailing environmental concerns regarding paper usage, and the fact that everything you read in the newspaper was already consumed the day before on some website means that the newspaper in itself is outdated.

It is more of a 'habit' that people nurture or may have a certain appeal with a certain age group, but if you are thinking it's going to counter OOH, then allow me to burst your bubble.

First, a lot of competition means that newspapers are cluttered with advertisements – and yours is just another in the crowd.

According to a Marketing Sherpa report, 40% of respondents ignored print advertising.

Amongst those, 19% ignored print ads because there were too many of them, 15% did not find them relevant and 15% thought that print ads didn't hold their attention.

No great surprise then that on The Media Impact Report, it performed well below all other forms of ad media – around 2-pts behind OOH (for each age-group) – on a scale of 10.

OOH is Consistent and Effective

Outdoor advertising or Out-of-Home advertising adds an "OOH-factor" to your brand!

Seeing your massive billboard out there, in front of thousands of people with a lockdown-hangover, has a greater impact than you can imagine.

Now, with improved targeting and measurement capabilities, you don't really have to imagine the impact – you can measure it to the last degree!

Whether you want to reach out to a specific target audience, improve the ROI from your digital marketing campaigns or just convert people into leads or customers – outdoor advertising has always been the most reliable media channel.

And it appears as though things are only going to get bigger and better!


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